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At Comexi we want to share our full range of products with our clients to help optimise the productivity and quality of their print jobs as much as possible. Technical Assistance, Maintenance and Training Workshops, Consultancy, Cryogenic Cleaning and Spare Parts.

Technical support

Hotline service

A team of Comexi specialists are at your disposal 24/7 to solve and optimise your machine production. We offer this customer service to clients with the flexographic printers, laminating and coating machines, slitter machines and rewinders.

Key advantages
  • Technical support 24 hours, including holidays.
  • We speak your language.
  • We solve your problems with the help of great professionals.
  • We provide support by telephone and/or e-mail.

Our clients have better coverage in after-sales support and assistance, with a team specialising in diagnosing and solving incidents by telephone, 24 hours a day. This service includes a competitive advantage for companies, who have a direct line of communication for resolving emergencies.

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Teleservice available

Technical support
+34 972 904 330

Comexi's free-of-charge technical support is at your service for queries, detecting and resolving problems, and also for consulting layouts and other technical documents. You can contact us by e-mail, telephone and remote connection from your machine, via Internet with the possibility of webcam support.

Service conditions
  • We attend to all kinds of queries.
  • We provide support by e-mail, telephone, fax and remote connections with the machine.
  • Office timetable (9 am - 6 pm GMT + 1, working days in Girona).
Technical support


Time is money

In order to optimise machine productivity as much as possible, it is essential that we reduce non-programmed stops, optimise the necessary spare parts in the warehouse and drastically reduce repair and maintenance expenses. In this respect, we offer our clients.

The annual Operational Maintenance program.
  • Checking that the machine's preventive maintenance program is correctly observed.
  • General machine status check.
  • Detection of any problem that may affect the machine's performance.
  • Correction of parts subject to wear and tear.
The program includes two interventions per year by our technicians.
  • Evaluation of the general machine status.
  • Compiling a list of the spare parts to be replaced in the second intervention.
  • Analysis of the conditions in which the machine works, in view of the corrective actions that we will take in a second intervention.
  • Worn parts changeover.
  • Corrective actions diagnosed in the first visit.
It includes:

For flexographic printers
  • Review of cleaning and setpoint for tunnel drying and between colours drying.
  • Inking system setpoint, its movement, and doctor blade setpoint.
  • Checking the zero position, offsets and the parallel relationship of the printer units.
  • Checking the changeover in the rewinder and unwinder.
  • Checking the safety systems and elements.
  • Checking the web tension control in the various drives.
  • Review of belts and transmissions.
  • Checking the levels and alignment of the web path rollers.
  • Review of plate cylinder and anilox roller drive unit.
  • Checking the changeover side bearings.
  • Review of greasing in printer group movement drive unit.
  • Checking core and sleeve jumps.
  • Solving minor problems.
For laminating and coating equipment
  • Review of the status of the chromed rollers, R1, R2, R4 and press.
  • Review of parallel alignment of rollers R1 and R2.
  • Revision of the status and hardness of the rubber rollers.
  • Review of the vapour suction system.
  • Checking the safety systems and elements.
  • Checking the levels and alignment of the web path rollers.
  • Checking the web tension control in the various drives.
  • Review of belts and transmissions.
  • Solving minor problems.
  • Recommending and compiling a list of spare parts.
For slitting and rewinding equipment
  • Checking the levels and alignment of the web path rollers.
  • Checking the safety systems and elements.
  • Checking the web tension control in the various drives.
  • Review of belts and transmissions.
  • Solving minor problems.
  • Recommending and compiling a list of spare parts.
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Special services

Technical machine audits

We check the status of your machine:

  • The equipment's maintenance status.
  • That the various machine setpoints are in line with the standard defined by Comexi.
  • The correct working of machine manoeuvres.
Equipment relocations

At Comexi we offer the possibility of dismantling, reassembling and starting up equipment that was running previously, either because you are moving your equipment, or because you have sold or purchased Comexi equipment.

We conduct an audit prior to dismantling the machine to ensure it is started up successfully, after being moved.

Equipment updates and retrofitting

At Comexi we update your equipment.

With the technological advances, we are developing new functions in our state-of-the-art machines. At Comexi we implement some of the functional and constructive improvements of the new machines in client machines.

At Comexi we raise solutions for preventing machine components from becoming obsolete. The aim of these updates is to prolong the useful life of your machine, and therefore increase its performance.

Printer unit cleaning and updating

Cutting-edge technology. It has never been so easy

How can I clean the dirt in the form of dry ink, accumulated over time on the machine?
How can I access all the parts of the machine when cleaning?
How can I descale without damaging the parts under the thickness of dry ink?
And most importantly, how much time and resources are we going to invest, and at what price?

By applying a new technology to the cleaning service, with the NC cryogenic cleaning system we offer you:

  • It is not necessary to dismantle your machine to carry out the cleaning operation.
  • The cleaning product disappears without leaving any trace of water or waste, apart from the descaled ink.
  • The fastest cleaning system is used to remove dried ink, which saves time.
  • There is no risk of rust.
  • There is no risk of abrasion.
With the NC system we propose, your printing unit will be completely clean within one week.

The purpose of NC is to remove any permanent dirt that prevents you from seeing possible real defects in your machine, which distort the analysis of real problem causes and reduce its production and improvement capacity. NC is the most effective cleaning technique for flexography.

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Special bespoke services
Online spare parts

Online spare parts

If you want to place orders for spare parts through our web portal, fill-in the following form.

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