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Professional solvent recovery

pigments and other solvent components through distillation. The process achieves a recovery rate over 85% (*), which allows it to be reused for cleaning applications and minimises the waste to be removed.

The recovery unit is made up of a distiller fitted with an autonomous vacuum unit, a heat exchanger for the vapour condensation, a cylinder for collecting the condensation and two tanks with a capacity of 2000 litres and made of stainless steel, for regenerated and contaminated solvent.

(*) Percentage dependent on the degree of pigment concentration.

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Technical characteristics   Ecodistil 100 AG Ecodistil 2000
Certification   ATEX II 2G T3 ATEX II 2G T3
Performance* Litres/hour 60-80 100
Resistors kW 12 25
Vacuum pump kW 0.55 1.1
Stirrer kW 1.12 1.12
Oil pump kW 0.12 1.55
Electricity consumption kW 15 30
Maximum air consumption Litres/minute 1500 1500
Minimum air pressure bar 6 6
Cooled water (5ºC) kg/hour 3000 5000
Thermal oil Litres 170 170
Length mm 1500 2780
Height mm 3610 3435
Weight kg 700 1500
Boiler material   AISI-304 AISI-304
Boiler volume litres 150 200
Boiler pressure bar -0.7 -0.7
Clean solvent tank
Layout Horizontal
Diameter mm 1250
Length mm 2060
Height mm 1490
Capacity litres 2000
Weight kg 450
Web AISI-304
Dirty solvent tank
Layout Vertical
Diameter mm 1250
Height mm 2670
Capacity litres 2000
Weight kg 400
Web AISI-304
*Real performance in a standard print process with alcohol and solvent. 70% ethyl acetate and 30% alcohol

Main benefits for you

Low consumption and maintenance 
Low consumption and maintenance 

The Ecodistil offers low consumption thanks to its vacuum distilling and use of the stirrer* for obtaining the larger exchange surface.

Thanks to its built-in scraper*, it is only necessary to clean the filters, and so it also offers low maintenance.

*Only available in Ecodistil 100 AG and 200

Automatic washing machine
 Automatic washing machine

The Ecodistil works automatically and does not require operator presence. It can be easily integrated with washing systems and avoid solvents being handled manually in the plant. The system also has a complete alarm and warning system for when human intervention is necessary.


The system is ATEX certified and ensures a high level of safety. It is equipped with temperature and level sensors that are checked continually by the PLC.

High recovery and profitability capacity
High recovery and profitability capacity

Its great recovery capacity, up to 2000 l a day, allows you to reduce new solvent purchase levels, thereby collecting your investment return in minimum time.

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