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Anilox cleaning system with laser technology 

The Anilox and cylinder cleaning system using laser technology, provides in-depth, high performance cleaning, obtaining the best result to be found in the market.

The LCR is a product that differs from all the others because of its faster washing speed, offering excellent cell cleaning as opposed to using any ink, resin, varnish or tapes. With the possibility of working with a large variety of diameters and lengths and with a large washing capacity, this guarantees the cleaning in any kind of alignment and surface without damaging the roller/sleeve surface.

Supply voltage: 230 / 400 / 415 / 440 / 480 Vac 
Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz 
Maximum power: 4 kWa

Hardware: Colour, touch screen 5.7" (high resolution) 
Pneumatic consumption: 100 l/min 2 bar 

PLC control

Water consumption: No consumption 
Hydraulic consumption: No consumption 
Gas consumption: No consumption 
Dust atmosphere: Not generated 
Explosive atmosphere: Not generated 
Toxic atmosphere: Not generated

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Technical characteristics LCR2200 LCR 1700 LCR2900
Maximum cylinder length 2,268 mm 1645 mm 2968 mm
Minimum cylinder diameter 125 mm 50 125
Maximum cylinder diameter 325 mm 235 325
Maximum cylinder weight 300 kg* 300 kg* 300 kg*
LCR total length "L" 3,345 mm 2,450 mm 4,045 mm
LCR total height "H" 1,860 mm 1,750 mm 1,860 mm
LCR total width "S" 1,255 mm 1,000 mm 1,255 mm
LCR total weight 1,850 kg 1,255 kg 2,050 kg
Electrical power 4 kW = =
Compressed air 100 l/min at 2 bar = =
Electrical supply 230/400/415/440/480 Vac l l l + N + PE** = =
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz = =

Main benefits for you

Different programs according to the degree of dirt
Different programs according to the degree of dirt

The rotation speed works automatically depending on the cylinder dirt and diameter. The cylinder rotation system is designed for fast and easy access, using quality materials that ensure it works correctly and reduce maintenance.

Under maintenance
Under maintenance

A new extraction system filters the possible dust and smoke that may have been generated. The filtering module in cartridge format can be removed quickly and it this makes it easier to clean and maintain.

The important part of the machine are installed in the front or at the side to facilitate access without having to access the rear. Maintenance is fast and simple, making it suitable for in plant installation. 


Perfect cylinder control

The washing machine rotates the cylinder while a laser beam volatilises all the waste deposited on the surface. The rotary shafts have wheels which are made from a material designed specially to avoid damaging the cylinder surface.

The Comexi LCR fulfills all the necessary standards to ensure it works correctly, thanks to the implemented safety measures and using a special web for coating the area where the laser beam is emitted.

Easy access and handling
Easy access and handling

All the options are easy and fast access, facilitating the work of the operator without the need for technical knowledge. It has push buttons, sensors and light and audio indicators that facilitate operation, obtain real time reports and increase user safety.

The machine has a PLC and an electronic touch screen that is robust and reliable for simple, intuitive handling where the characteristics of the part to be washed can be setup: size, dirt, number of cleans, power, etc. 

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