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The Comexi Mixer is a piece of equipment with 2 components for mixing and supplying solvent-less tape in laminating machines

It has a tank with component A (Resin) and another with component B (Catalyst). Both are heated and metered autonomously. Heating is obtained by means of a plate fitted with resistors, and the process is managed by PLC taking the temperature readings provided by the probes on the heating plates and inside the tanks, as the reference. The metering is done using gear pumps according to the desired mix proportion. Finally, the components are mixed at the point of application using a metering nozzle arranged at the end of the heated hose.

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Technical characteristics
Dimensions Width: 1200 mm, Depth: 970 mm, Height: 1145 mm
Mix ratio From 100/0, To 100/100
Maximum supply (with 100/50 rate) 2.2 litres/minute
Maximum pressure 70 bar
Tank capacity 2 x 50 litres

Main benefits for you

Fully automatic system

The equipment performs the following operations automatically: 

- Automatic metering of the tape with the set proportion and flow rate. 

- The optional refilling system allows automatically refilling the tanks of component A and B.

Energy efficiency

The temperature is controlled automatically by PLC optimising the component heating process to the metering temperature. 
It has a thermally insulated frame that drastically reduces heat loss and electricity consumption.

Ergonomics and maintenance

Its design takes into consideration anthropometric aspects to improve the usability thereof. The frame, fitted with hinged doors, provides practical, fast and easy access to the interior elements.

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