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The solution to automating reel unloading

Working non-stop is a synonym for productivity, and this is exactly what the automatic Comexi unloader does, a set of systems that allow the reels to be changed over automatically (for rewinder with shafts) without needing manual handling and minimising the reel changeover time. Machine productivity is increased thanks to reel changeover cycles of approximately 3 minutes, which allows increasing the print speed.

The reel unloader has been designed to adapt to any type of machine: printers, laminating machines, extruders or others.

The system is fully automatic and controls the machine parameters using a built-in PLC. Its intuitive menu manages all the procedures simply and comfortably, fully in line with the Comexi philosophy: efficiency, productivity and safety. 

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Technical characteristics
Web tension 400 / 480 V
Frequency 50 /60 Hz
Power 12 KW
Working pressure 6 bar
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Air consumption 1500 litres/hour
Maximum reel width 2032 mm
Maximum reel diameter 1350 mm
Maximum reel weight 2000 kg
Shaft diameter 75 – 150 mm
Acoustic level  

Main benefits for you

Eliminating shaft handling

The reel unloader extracts the shaft from the reel thanks to the action of a manipulator which collects the shaft and moves it on a roller system. While the unloader prepares the next job, the shaft stays in the waiting position to subsequently position itself automatically within the new core to start the next reel.

Easy reel handling 

Once the shaft is released, the system extracts the reel thanks to the swinging of the lifting platform. The reel is positioned gently and safely above the delivery platform and the operator only has to pick it up.

Do not waste time managing the cores

The transfer system carries the unit made up of the shaft and the new glued core towards the machine. The process if fully automatic, and in combination with the turret rewinder, it can obtain real non-stop working throughout the process.


It has an automatic core dispenser fitted with adjustable separators to adapt the cores to the desired dimensions. The sizing unit with a rotation system applies the tape all over the surface of the core.

Easy and intuitive control  

All the machine parameters are controlled by the built-in PLC, its intuitive menu manages all the procedures simply and comfortably.

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