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In Comexi we believe that productivity improvements are the most profitable investments, that is why we decided a few years ago to work on developing solutions for the printing industry and conversion.

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Comexi RUL


Working non-stop is a synonym for productivity, and this is exactly what the automatic Comexi unloader does, a set of systems that...

Category Flexo, Gravure
Comexi LCR


The Anilox and cylinder cleaning system using laser technology, provides in-depth, high performance cleaning, obtaining the best...

Category Flexo, Gravure


pigments and other solvent components through distillation. The process achieves a recovery rate over 85% (*), which allows it to...

Category Flexo, Gravure
Comexi ST1


The sleeve store is an automatic warehouse system designed to obtain maximum capacity in minimum space. As it is a modular...

Category Flexo
Comexi MIXER


It has a tank with component A (Resin) and another with component B (Catalyst). Both are heated and metered autonomously. Heating...

Category Laminating

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