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The Comexi R2 is our latest development in the rotogravure industry

It has been designed to respond to the broadest needs of the market, maintaining high levels of quality. 

The press is available with the main equipment: web video, corona treater or viscosity control, and others. All the main auxiliary equipment controls are integrated in the HMI.

Comexi has buit-in the latest technology in machine control, i.e. Direct Drive, increasing efficiency, as well as Regenerative Drive System which reduces energy consumption. 

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Technical characteristics
Max. Web width (mm - in)

1050 / 1350

41.3 / 53.5

Max. Printing cylinder repeat (mm - in)



Length of drying chamber (m - ft)

1.8 / 4.7

5.9 / 15.4

Web tension (N) 35 / 400
Maximum speed (m/min - ft/min)



The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

Exellent register control
Exellent register control

In projects with Siemens and Eltromat, we have developed an integrated control register which personalises the extensions, directly controls the shafts, integrates all the main machine controls and sets up a single interface between the clients and Comexi. The register is not an added feature to the machine, it is actually part of it.

Standard system with five staples for fixing the cylinder shafts.

Adjustable doctor blade system
Adjustable doctor blade system

Fitted with a doctor blade system with three fully independent regulations, you can work with a more appropriate attack angle therefore guaranteeing an excellent print in cylinders with a 450 to 920 mm format.

New inking system
New inking system

The Comexi R2 has a variable volume inking system that considerably reduces the use of ink. This equipment is useful for all kinds of jobs, short or long. 

Pneumatic opening of the drying chambers
Pneumatic opening of the drying chambers

As in the machines with the leading features, the Comexi R2 is equipped with a pneumatic system for easily opening the drying chambers, with a fully automatic opening and closing sequence.

Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance

The Comexi R2 is designed to facilitate operator cleaning and maintenance as much as possible, and to provide easy access to the rollers and drying nozzles.

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Product family
Max. web width (in) 41.3 / 53.5 25.5 / 33.5 / 41.3 / 53.5 25.5 / 33.5 / 41.3 / 53.5 / 61 / 72.5
Max. printing repeat (in) 36.7 40.5 40.5
Chamber lenght (ft) 15.4 / 5.9 11.5 / 15.4 / 24.6 / 7.2 11.5 / 15.4 / 24.6 / 7.2
Speed (ft/m) 1312.3 1640.4 1968.5
Web tension (N) 35 / 400 500 900

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