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The Comexi FUTURA is a versatile machine designed to offer a greater added value to the product, thanks to all its finishing options

It guarantees a holographic finish thanks to a technology known as Cast & Cure, creating a highly attractive visual register effect using a UV lacquer, without the need for laminating and completely free of VOC. It also offers copy protection to guarantee the genuineness of the packaging.

It allows applying cold-foil, UV laminating, different coatings to give an attractive finish to the product, and the possibility of solventless laminating.

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Technical characteristics
Maximum speed (ft/min) 1476.3
Maximum web width (in) 52.3
Maximum laminate width (in) 51.7
Minimum laminate width (in) 23.6
Maximum reel weight (kg) 1000
Maximum unwinder diameter (in) 39.3
Minimum/maximum unwinder tension (N) 20 / 550
Maximum rewinder diameter (in) 39.3
Minimum/maximum rewinder tension (N) 40 / 600
Prodat Yes
Materials LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PET, PA, Alufoil, Paper, Films Coex
The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

Shaftless unwinders and rewinder

Job changeovers have never been so simple thanks to the shaftless system which allows changing the reels easily, thanks to cones that support the core.


Perfect control tension

The pneumatic dancer rollers with low friction coefficient pistons maintain appropriate and controlled web tension at all times

Gearless flexo technology
Gearless flexo technology

All the Comexi Gearless flexography print technology for a high precision coating and application, complete background or register, of any kind of UV lacquer. It includes an automatic cleaning system for minimising the work changeover time.

Holograph finishes thanks to the Cast & Cure technology
 Holograph finishes thanks to the Cast & Cure technology

Applying holography, using UV varnish, on any kind of flexible film, completely free of VOC.

UV lamps for perfect curing
UV lamps for perfect curing

State-of-the-art UV lamps, which provide top speed curing with low energy consumption.

Infinite finishing options
Infinite finishing options

The Comexi FUTURA offers a great variety of possibilities for highlighting the visual attraction of the packaging and giving it added high value: matt and gloss coatings, cold-foil, colour printing, and others.


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Speed (ft/min) 1476.3 1640.4
Adhesive SL / UV SL
Aut. Change - RW + UW

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