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A world-class machine for the most stringent customers

Comexi ML1 is an state-of-the-art laminator which provides the best performance on lamination and coatings, and at the same time, presents an unbeatable proposal in terms of usability and facility to operate with.

With an outstanding drying capacity, totally modular and adaptable to customer’s requirements, and a full set of different high-technological trolleys that will answer to all their coating requirements, ML1 is a laminator of next generation.

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Technical characteristics
Maximum speed (m/min - ft/min)



Maximum web width (mm - in)

1330 / 1530

52.3 / 60.2

Maximum laminate width (mm - in)

1315 / 1515

51.7 / 59.6

Minimum laminate width (mm - in)

600 / 700

23.6 / 27.5 

Maximum reel weight (kg - lb)



Maximum unwinder diameter (mm - in)



Minimum/maximum unwinder tension (N) 20 / 550
Maximum rewinder diameter (mm - in)



Minimum/maximum rewinder tension (N) 40 / 600
Prodat Yes
Materials LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PET, PA, Alufoil, Paper, Films Coex
The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

High technological trolleys
High technological trolleys

These extremely easy, interchangeable trolleys, provide multiple coating solutions for a broad range of applications:

  • Solvent based lamination
  • Solvent less lamination
  • Water based lamination
  • Coldseal
  • Heatseal
  • Gloss / Matte lacquers
  • Overprint varnish / antimist coating
  • One colour in register
Automatic coupling of the trolleys

For a fast change over and user friendly for the operators. 

Full exhaustion of solvents from 4 different points (top, bottom and both sides) to ensure a fully solvent clean area.


Register control
Register control

The register control provides the highest accuracy when applying coatings at register.

Shell-type opening drying tunnel
Shell-type opening drying tunnel

Designed with configurable modular units, with tool-less extractable nozzles and outstanding air turbulence.

3-Rollers lamination nip
3-Rollers lamination nip

To achieve the best performance in any laminate: perfect optics, absence of curling and evenness of bond strength across the web.

Aluminium prepared

A high technical solution to achieve a perfect lamination with aluminium, even with very thin gauges.

Turret winders for a non-stop production
Turret winders for a non-stop production

Full automatic splice turrets for a continuous production. The turrets are equipped with shifting guides for web alignment and horizontal cut for a perfect job change at high speeds and with thin films.

Prodat data system
Prodat data system

This system will save all kinds of parameters of the Machine at every single meter. Improve your Quality Control and have your own costs much better controlled.

Fully integrated coating weigth control

An in-line sensor will show your real coating weight at all times, with a huge saving in time, waste and money.


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Product family
Speed (ft/min) 1476.3 1476.3
Adhesive SB / SL / WB SB / SL / WB
Aut. Change RW + UW RW + UW

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