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A compact solvent less machine designed under 3 concepts: simplicity, reliability and productivity

Its machine design, its facility to use and its state-of-the-art controls makes it the ideal laminator for short and medium runs and for a wide variety of materials.

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Technical characteristics
Maximum speed (ft/min) 1640.4
Maximum web width (in) 52.3 / 60.2
Maximum laminate width (in) 51.7 / 59.6
Minimum laminate width  (in) 19.7 / 13.7 (with extensions) by 52.3

27.5 / 21.6 (with extensions) by 60.2
Maximum reel weight (kg) 1000 / 1500 (upon request)
39.3 / 59.0 (upon request)
Maximum unwinder diameter (in) 39.3 / 47.2 (upon request)
Minimum/maximum unwinder tension (N) 20 / 550 (700 upon request)
Maximum rewinder diameter (in) 39.3 / 47.2 (upon request)
Minimum/maximum rewinder tension (N) 40 / 600 (750 upon request)
Possibility of turret improvement Yes
Prodat Premium/Excellence (upon request)
Materials LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PET, PA, Alufoil, Paper, Films Coex
The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

Solventless coating head fully motorized

This brings not only an optimum adhesive transference and layer evenness, but the best performance with any kind of adhesive in a huge range of coating weight. This also allows very fast cleaning tasks, thanks to a preset sequence on all the roller.

Sleeved transfer roller
Sleeved transfer roller

It can be changed in less than 2 minutes without any additional tool.

Web guide sensor fully motorized
Web guide sensor fully motorized

An in-line sensor will show your real coating weight at all times, with a huge saving in time, waste and money.

3-Rollers lamination nip
3-Rollers lamination nip

To achieve the best performance in any laminate: perfect optics, absence of curling and evenness of bond strength across the web.

Aluminium prepared

A high technical solution to achieve a perfect lamination with aluminium, even with very thin gauges.


Prodat data system
Prodat data system

This system will save all kinds of parameter of the Machine at every single meter. Improve your Quality Control and have your own costs much better controlled. It integrates 2 HD Touch screens for a perfect production control and accessibility.

Fully integrated coating weigth control

An in-line sensor will show your real coating weight at all times, with a huge saving in time, waste and money.


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