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The Comexi S-TURRET slitter is a single-turret machine designed to obtain excellent results in those rigid materials that require working with high tensions and large reels at the exit.

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Technical characteristics
Speed (ft/min) 1968.5
Acceleration and deceleration 60'
Max web Widths (in)  55.1
(others to be studied by request)
Range of materials Limited to rigid ones
Minimum standard cut (in)  1.9
Type of unwinder motorized
Unwinder: maximum Ø (from the ground) (in) 51.1 (61.0 as an option)
Tension Regulation True Reading: Roller dancer
Rewinder: maximum Ø (in)  39.3
# of shafts on rewinder 2 (mono-turret)
Time rotation turret 50'
Tension Regulation True Reading: Load cells

Main benefits for you

For all the heavy weights
For all the heavy weights

The Comexi S-Turret is a top range machine with a new single-turret system that allows you to work comfortable with large reels of paper, cardboard, self-adhesive tapes, aluminium, BOPP and other webs that have a certain degree of rigidity.

Control and Productivity
Control and Productivity

The Comexi S-Turret has control systems that provide you with a real reading at all times. As there is a direct connection between the motor and the shaft, the response given will be the most efficient, making it possible to work comfortably at high speeds.

The ALWS rewinding system with fixed NIP and continuous reel production from its rotary turret, together with its high level of automation in unloading, make it a highly productive machine.


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Max. web width (in) 82.7 66.9 66.9
Unwinder maximum diameter (in) 84.6 61.0 61.0
Speed (ft/min) 1968.5 2624.6 2624.6
Rewinder maximum diameter (in) 39.3 31.5 / 39.4 24.0
Minimum slit width (in) 1.9 0.8 0.8
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