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For big outputs

The Comexi S1 MS slitter is a mono-shaft machine designed to obtain excellent results in those jobs that require working with rigid or semi-rigid materials -non stretchable- and with big outputs reels.

The Comexi S1 MS slitter is a top range machine with a new single-shaft system that allows you to work comfortably with large reels of paper, cardboard, self-adhesive tapes, aluminum, BOPP and other laminated materials that have a certain degree of rigidity or structures that won’t be easily stretch with low tensions.

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Technical characteristics
Speed (ft/min) 1968.5
Acceleration and deceleration 60'
Max web widths (in) 55.1 / 66.9 / 82.7
Range of materials Oriented to non stretchable materials (rigid, semi-rigid and big thickness ones)
Minimum standard cut (in) 1.9 with non stretchable materials
Type of unwinder Motorized
Unwinder: maximum Ø (from the ground) (in) 51.1 (61.0 as an option)
Tension regulation True Reading: Roller dancer
Rewinder: maximum Ø (in) 51.1
# of shafts on rewinder 1 mono-shat in 3’’ (2.205 lb) and 6’’ (3.307 lb)
Tension regulation Direct Drive System with close loop

Main benefits for you

Maximum control
Maximum control

The Comexi S1 MS has control systems that provide true reading of the tension at any situation. Thanks to its direct connection between the motor and the shaft (Direct Drive System), this machine gives the most efficient response without using any transmission belt and can achieve high job speeds.

Optimal productivity with automatic reel unloading
Optimal productivity with automatic reel unloading

Its ALWS rewinding system with horizontal movement and fixed lay-on roller improves the quality of slitting and rewinding. This element, together with the possibility of producing up to 1.300 mm – 51.1 in output diameter reels and its high level of automation when unloading, make the S1 MS slitter a highly productive machine.

Efficient slitting area
Efficient slitting area

The S1 MS allows working interchangeably with razor or shear cut systems without dismantling shafts. Comexi shear cut system allows working both with wrap or kissing cut configuration. Thanks to its 2nd nip roller, kiss cut configuration will be used more often avoiding slow changes with spacers and optimizing production.


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Product family
Max. web width (in) 55.1 / 66.9 / 82.7 82.7 66.9
Unwinder maximum diameter (in) 51.1 84.6 61.0
Speed (ft/min) 1968.5 1968.5 2624.6
Rewinder maximum diameter (in) 51.1 39.3 24.0
Minimum slit width (in) 1.9 1.9 0.8

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