n46: The latest in advanced performance packaging technology - eCOMEXI®, Wetflex® and EZCure® - to be unveiled at the Open House 2010

Comexi Group, Sun Chemical and ESI will present the latest in flexographic printing at a dedicated Open House event on June 1, 2, and 3 2010. The new eCOMEXI flexographic presses with the Sun Chemical WetFlex ink system and the proven EZCure from ESI will be demonstrated at the Comexi Group facility in Girona, Spain, alongside a new flexographic press based on the FLEXOEfficiency® concept, slitting and rewinding technologies from the Comexi Group.

The market faces many new requirements to reduce green house gases (GHG’s), and to monitor and report industrial carbon footprints. Solvent-based printing faces increasing demands to address environmental issues.

Print quality is also a key market driver. UV curable inks have been an excellent alternative from print quality standpoint, but both cost and using photoinitiators for food packaging is preventing market acceptance.

The alternative is EB Flexo technology. After 5 years’ research and the maturation of the electron beam process in industrial settings, the outcome today is nothing less than a radical change in print technology. eCOMEXI’s new EB Flexo system not only work 100% solventless and VOC-free, but also print with the highest quality achievable today, all without adding cost to the process.

The event will also showcase the world novelty F4 FLEXOEfficiency® flexo press, a printing machine for high quality printing and short runs; to allow attendees to see the technology in action first-hand, as well as the latest news on slitting and rewinding of the commercial brand PROSLIT.

Manel Xifra, Comexi Group’s CEO, explains the purpose of the open house event: “Experts from Comexi Group, Sun chemical and ESI will be available throughout the event to talk to existing and potential customers about the total print process costs, the latest eCOMEXI, WetFlex and EZCure solutions, multi-colour process printing, our solution’ versatility and the significant environmental benefits associated with the technology. We look forward to sharing the benefits with all those who attend in June.”

As the packaging market looks to the future after the downturn, brand owners are searching for new and unique packaging designs to drive brand differentiation and enhance consumer appeal. Sun Chemical is addressing this desire by driving innovation in differentiated on-the-shelf packaging. In an initiative with the Comexi Group, they have developed an optimum combination of a new flexographic print process and ink technology solution to deliver unique benefits to the packaging market.

Speaking ahead of the open house event, Felipe Mellado, Sun Chemical’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We’ve been working in close collaboration with Comexi for the past four years to hone the WetFlex technology and product. WetFlex incorporates the best in low migration, low odour, low enviro-impact, high resistance benefits and answers a genuine market need for innovative packaging solutions.”

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