New line of slitters for the electric battery market

New line of slitters for the electric battery market

Slitters specially designed to deal with materials of the battery electrodes such as coated copper and aluminium, and the different films and papers required for battery separator.
Comexi slitters differentiates from current manufacturers of electrode slitting machines by offering more efficient solutions that are capable of integrating the latest quality assurance systems with closed loop integration and traceability features.

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Quality assurance: Working with top co-suppliers to guarantee quality parameters

  • EPC (Edge position Control)
  • CPC (Center position Control)
  • Top to bottom coating distance averaging
  • Predictive process control
  • Width measurement (with closed loop)
  • 400% Surface inspection (with AI Support)

CE/UL/CSA certification

Cloud Connectivity

Worldwide service

  • More than 50 technicians around Europe, 2 million Euro in spare parts warehouse. Commitment to 24/48h delivery time for spare parts
Working together with EMEA Electro Solutions.
Members of the European Battery Manufacturers Alliance Upcell.

Principals beneficis

Ergonomics and resource optimization

Reduction of scrap and increase of overall equipment efficiency are the two main pains in the electrode manufacturing, and are also the top priority objectives of the machine. Ergonomic design, quick changeover, versatility and user-friendliness are the key features.

Maximum quality and productivity

The innovative ALWS rewinding system guarantees precision rewinding, by moving the shaft as the reel diameter increases, ensuring that the rewinding contact point and the distance from slitting to rewinding remains constant during the whole length of the job. Quality control can be obtained through a full range of peripherals: from web guiding systems to 400% inspection systems, through contact and contactless cleaning systems.

Cloud connectivity

The Comexi Cloud is a digital service platform designed to bring analytics and valuable services to every team, process and application in the business. Along the way, it supports unique and valuable success stories and best practices, closing the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle.
It also allows for Production Analytic. The easy way to obtain data on real time and know which jobs are in process or which ones are already done and how; in any printing process. These data can be reach trough indicators, notifications and PDF reports, once the job orders are finished. Also, statistics and incidences can be check.

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