Offset Printing: the Best Choice for Sustainability and Recyclability

Comexi continuously distinguishes itself by searching for more innovative sustainable flexible packaging solutions with a lower carbon footprint

Comexi, a specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting industry, has made the most transparent commitment to sustainability and recycling. Repeatedly, the company has distinguished itself by searching for more innovative sustainable flexible packaging solutions with a lower carbon footprint. These include efficient energy management, less material loss, lower ink consumption, as well as plastic usage and solvent reductions. The objective of Comexi is to provide technology that not only makes processes substantially more sustainable, but is also operable with sustainable materials. Comexi believes in solutions that combines automation, high quality, fast changeovers, and flexibility.


CI Offset Printing Technology: The Unrivalled Option

As a result, the CI offset printing technology has become the unrivalled option for sustainability and recyclability. This is a solvent free technology, uses curing EB inks and coatings, has no solvent emissions, consumes less ink and less energy, prints a wide range of substrates (including extremely thin films), and facilitates the transition from the traditional laminated and multimaterial structures to monomaterial structures (both laminated, and frontal printed with overprint varnishes).

EB curing provides the optimal solution for recyclable packaging, as it replace several complex laminations with more recyclable and efficient solutions by reducing the number of layers (EB inks and coatings are highly resistant to chemicals, sealing, heating, and scratch). During PE reverse printing, the partial crosslink process increases the thermal resistance of the external packaging layer. In regard to surface printing, the EB coating provides high surface protection.

The Comexi CI offset printing technology perfectly meets the stringent needs for rapid, high-quality printing, while offering the most competitive operating costs.

Principal Benefits of CI Offset Technology

  • Sustainability

Equipped with solvent free technology: curing Electron Beam (EB) inks and coatings. It not only consumes less ink and energy, but is also capable of printing a wide range of substrates, including the thinnest films.

  • High Quality Printing

Has the most prominent definition, prints, and high-quality pictures with smooth fading feature. It is the best option for extended gamut processes.

  • Fast Time to Market

Has pre-press designs that can be automatically converted. Plates are CTP imaged within a few minutes, and a complete set can be made in less than 20 minutes.

  • Competitive Costs

Operates with lithographic plates. New designs can be inexpensively incorporated. It is possible to group designs and print multiple SKU in the same run, thus saving time and waste.

  • High Efficiency

Ability to print a wide width at an accelerated speed and is equipped with robotic change of sleeves, thus providing maximum productivity and fast changeover.

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