The Installation of a Comexi S1 DT Will Enable Wipak UK to Expand its Capacity in Laser Scoring

he new slitter with laser in-line allows the British company to look at new opportunities in the market by commercializing innovative new pack formats

Comexi, a specialist in solutions for the printing industry and the conversion of flexible packaging, and Wipak UK, a company specializing in the production of sophisticated, high barrier films for food products, have reached an agreement for the acquisition by the British company of a Comexi S1 DT slitter with laser in-line. This purchase will allow Wipak UK to expand its capacity in laser scoring and search for new market opportunities through the commercialization of innovative pack formats, facilitating product usability.

“This new slitter will assist us in the firm establishment as the Wipak Group Centre of Excellence for Laser Scoring,” explains Wipak UK’s Managing Director, Andrew Newbold, further commenting that the Comexi S1 DT with laser “will complement our sustainable product portfolio, and contribute to our long-term commitment to reduce our carbon footprint to zero.” Newbold highlights that Wipak UK has invested in this slitter for “its full integration of laser capability with high-speed slitting technologies, operational efficiency benefits, due to automatic set-ups and unique features, and the complete turnkey solution” offered by Comexi, which also provides “experience in installation and project support.”

Last year, with the acquisition of a laminator and the Comexi S1 DT slitter with laser in-line, Wipak UK, which is based in Welshpool, Powys, Wales, announced a £5 million investment in state-of-the-art equipment. “The combination of these two machines gives us a truly unique offering,” says Keith Gater, Technical Development Manager at Wipak UK. “Not only will we be able to create flexible packaging solutions with significantly less plastic, which are easier to recycle, and have a lower carbon footprint, but we will also be able to establish multiple laser technology techniques and process a wider range of material types, including those which better meet the sustainability agendas of customers. This will assist us in providing real benefits to our customers, consumers and the environment.”

The Comexi S1 DT, with laser in-line, is a slitter which provides excellent results in both quality and productivity, even in regard to the most demanding jobs, due to its state-of-the-art control elements and high degree of automation. Cores, knives, laser heads, photocells, and almost every adjusting element of the machine are self-calibrating, as a result of an extremely interactive and easy-going user interface. This unique automation of the Comexi S1 DT gives the operator, without the need to intervene, the possibility to load the reel into the machine and deliver finished reels.

The turreted version of the Comexi S1 DT is capable of performing jobs which require a large number of output reels, and is also able to work with the thickest materials used in the flexible packaging market, including aluminium, wax, and other special or complex materials on the market. Furthermore, this machine includes Comexi’s laser module. This system allows every converter to run any imaginable flexible packaging laser, including easy open, micro-perforations, windows, resealable, and a long etcetera list. Comexi’s in-line laser patented systems facilitate subsequent applications and processes, increasing productivity, capacity and customer benefits.

The Comexi S1 DT allows for a high degree of customization, as well as many automated options, such as splicing tables, automatic reel unloading, video camera inspection, and label robotization of finished reels, thus fully guaranteeing complete system control and an exceptional increase in productivity.

Wipak UK is part of the Wipak Group, a Finnish global supplier of premium quality, sustainable, and innovative flexible packaging solutions for food, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products. Çomexi began its relationship with the company, which has 11 manufacturing plants across Europe, in 2005 with the acquisition of the first Comexi slitter. The purchase of other laminators and slitters has subsequently strengthened the confidence between the two companies.

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