Comexi will show at Drupa its innovations to the flexible packaging industry’s new generation

Comexi will show at Drupa its innovations to the flexible packaging industry’s new generation

• The company will present its new flexographic press F1, which entails further automation to the printing process. In addition, it will show its offset CI8 press with automation.

• Comexi will also introduce Comexi Cloud, a unique tool for the smart factories development.

Girona, April 29th 2016. - Comexi, a specialist providing solutions to the flexible packaging industry, will unveil its latest and most ambitious innovations for the new generation of the industry at the upcoming Drupa fair, from 31th May to 10th June. The group will present at its booth Hall10/B20 the furthest strides in automation in the printing process with its new flexographic press F1 and the new Offset CI8. The company will also introduce Comexi Cloud, a unique tool for the smart factories.

Comexi is already working on new solutions for the industry’s next generation, based on its deep knowledge of delivering outstanding innovation as well as its expertise in the field of flexible packaging - taking into account the market’s needs and demands. The group will show at Drupa their huge commitment not only to automation in its field but also to the organization of the 4.0 industry.

The new flexo F1 press will be the most evident example of its firm commitment for automation. With the new machine, Comexi increased the process of printing automation by integrating a robot into the printing process.

Integrated robot

The robot is able to directly handle all the sleeves involved in the printing process. With the new F1, the production is optimized more efficiently and, in turn, working conditions and job security in the factories are improved.

The Marketing Director and Technology Center Comexi, David Centelles, highlighted that “with this new press we offer the solution to our customers, focusing on a high-performance technology and becoming a reference in the flexible packaging printing industry”.

The new machine is a development of the previous FI, Comexi’s best-selling and successful large format printing press.  

The latest F1 is specially designed for the large format market, wide web and long runs, such as the one found in the North American market. In addition, David Centelles stated that "this automation allows minimized press set-up times, which is very important because it means that it can increase production by 25% as well as print custom work by 30% more due to its high efficiency. This solution is essential because it meets the current market trends: cost efficiency, customized production and work safety".

Automation in offset and rotogravure new unit

After the 2012 Drupa fair, where Comexi showcased its revolutionary printing press solution with a central drum, this year it will reveal its new automation system for its well-known CI8 Offset printing press.

The Comexi Offset CI8 responds to the main challenges that faces the flexible packaging printing sector: reducing environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency, high print quality and production flexibility to time to market.

Comexi, as a world supplier with three printing press lines, will also exhibit at Drupa fair a new unit for rotogravure printing presses, which will enable high quality tasks. The R2 printing press is the most recent Comexi addition to the rotogravure sector, which aims at increasing efficiency by mainstreaming leading edge technology in terms of machine control or in direct drive systems. Besides, Simotion by Siemens increases energy savings regarding machine consumption as well.

Supporting smart factories

Likewise, Comexi will show its commitment to strengthen ties with its clients and support their company development, by presenting an innovative production control tool that will help them improve plant efficiency. The new application also shows Comexi’s involvement in boosting technology which will allow the implementation of smart factories, known as industry 4.0.

Comexi Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to analyse production. Factories can see and understand their data and process the consistent data to facilitate optimal decision-making.  Comexi Cloud brings information in real time and allows to improve productivity, better process reliability, reduction of waste, controls production’s time frame and execution and ensures traceability.

Alliance with HP

At Drupa, Comexi will also be present at the HP stand, with its L20000, the water-based laminating machine specially designed to complement the digital HP printer Indigo 20000. At this stand, live demos will be performed in response to the manufacturer’s enquiry of providing work within 24 hours. This is achieved due to the fast and intuitive way the machine starts up, and how quickly the water-based adhesives dry. With the L20000 laminating machine, Comexi strengthens its environment commitment by eliminating solvents and using water-base adhesives, and using more sustainable and efficient technology.


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