At Comexi we are firmly committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as we believe that the company's commitment to its groups of interest and society must go beyond its commitment to established legal obligations.

As a company we are set on having a firm commitment to preserving the environment, and this is reflected in the EMAS III accreditation in environmental excellence, granted by the European Union. All the environment management, our aims and indicators in the environment statement, can be consulted on the web page.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Among the CSR activities that Comexi develops, we can highlight the following:

  • Editing an Ethical Code, which is part of the legacy from our founder, Mr. Manel Xifra Boada. It is the manifest of values, principles and ethical rules that we wish to uphold within our organisation and on which we will base the development and growth of the companies making up Comexi, to guarantee their distinction as a business model.
  • Collaborating with various universities. We highlight the Manuel Xifra Boada Professorship with the Universitat de Girona and the Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Participating in the Colegio de Ingenieros de Girona (Girona Association of Engineers) to grant awards that recognise the transmission of knowledge, the best group of applied research or Technological Centre, the best professional career and the best end of course projects from the Escola Politècnica de la Universitat de Girona.
  • Action by the Santa Eugènia Secondary School for middle grade professional training in graphic arts.
  • The Comexi CTec aims to provide knowledge to the flexible packaging sector and to be a meeting point for our suppliers, clients and external research areas for developing technical cooperation
  • Measures promoted in the environmental field within the flexible packaging sector and our products, obtaining the EMAS European Award in 2015 in eco-innovation, in the large company category, for the Comexi CI8 offset printer, given by the European Commission.
  • Collaborating with the Grupo Fundación Ramon Noguera, which works to guarantee the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities in the Gironès area. One of the aims is to integrate these people socially and at work through the Special Work Centre.
  • Corporate Volunteer Commission with the aim of promoting participation, involvement and awareness of the Comexi staff in charity campaigns and projects.
  • Collaborating with different social, cultural and humanitarian entities.

Comexi, in its aim to be a reference in sustainability and create a positive impact for people, its territory and the environment, presents its sustainability report 2021. This report compiles all the actions in governance, environmental management and people management matters, as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility actions that Comexi and the other companies of the Marfix group carry out.


As for sponsorship, the Comexi shareholders dedicate part of the profits to social and humanitarian projects. Some of these collaboration projects are:

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