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“None of us is as good as all of us together”

– Ray Kroc

Values and attitudes

At Comexi, we are a team of over 500 people spread over the main HQ in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona), Montenegro (Brazil) and Miami (USA). Everyone upholds the company values and performs their work with passion, willingness and responsibility.


Commitment is one of Comexi’s main values: our team’s dedication, involvement and persistence characterise and our relationship with clients.


The team behavior must be coherent and sincere to oneself, following the values of truth and justice. Demonstrating respect for truth, to the people and actions.


At Comexi our attitude is not just limited to making decisions. When we take-up an objective we get involved 100%, not stopping until it is achieved.

Emotional intelligence

A positive point which we value that our human capital is able to process emotional information received from colleagues and behave in an according manner depending on each situation.

Team Work

Team work is essential within a big company. Those in charge of training each and every department must make sure that their talent is developed individually enabling them to carry out common projects with good results.

Our commitment


Permanent contracts

One of our priorities is the cohesion wellbeing and professional development of our personnel. 90% of Comexi workers have become a firm commitment for Comexi contributing to the stability of both parties.


Comexi is one of the Catalan companies that has opted to internationalise its products. Resulting in having the need to increase our personnel to include people from all around the world, which provides endless professional enrichment.


in-house promotions

Recognising talent is one of our virtues. We value work for people with the need to grow. Currently 50% of the Comexi team in - house promoted.


hours per year dedicated to training

Training is an essential issue at Comexi and we make sure that everyone is well prepared and focused on our clients. One of the main commitments is the investment of 22,000 hours in product training and in professional development and growth.

Commitment to the brand

Comexi is an internationally recognised company and, through communication and marketing, we try to operate all over the world to showcase the high quality of our products and their added value along with and our excellent client service. We aim to develop new applications to satisfy the market’s needs and requirements of the market.

Gemma Bessa

Marketing Manager

Commitment to the training

Daily experience provides us knowledge and helps accomplish expectations. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that training is a very clear return in a more and more specialized sector. For this reason, training is not only considered as a key investment but is also a high added value tool for our clients which boosts knowledge in the sector.

Glòria Deulofeu
Academic Coordinator CTec

Commitment to innovation

Knowledge of the processes, the machines and their setups, are key to obtaining the best results possible, and this is where Comexi wants to contribute with valuable solutions, through innovation and industry 4.0, to complement and improve the management of this knowledge.

Esteve Grassot

Database Architect

Commitment to the customer

To us the most important thing is gain our customers trust. That is why we offer them all of the value we generate as a company, obtaining unbeatable results.

David Morera

Area Manager

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