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“The most exciting place to discover talent is in yourself”

– Ashleigh Brilliant

We are able to achieve our objectives thanks to the talent and ability of Comexi’s human team, who are the driving motor of the company. Comexi is committed to promoting policies that allows improvement in the professional development of people.


In the HR department we make a careful selection of the best professionals. We value the knowledge, skills, the potential and the commitment as well as the activeness of proactivity and desire to learn.

Work experience
at Comexi

The first work experience during the university period is a reference for the future of a student.

Comexi offers the possibility of doing work experience in different company departments, to cover vacancies and specific needs. This young human capital is a reference cornerstone that brings innovation and creativity to our company.

If you would like to have a good entry into the labor market and enjoy a professional experience on an international level, please send your CV to:

We have signed several collaboration agreements



Thanks to the team behind the training programs, at the Centre Tecnològic Manel Xifra Boada, with the help of the technical team and the brand of each business unit, we carry out personalized training programs. We guarantee the necessary training in order to have good product knowledge, excellent customer orientation and to be able to develop a professional career in Comexi.


The vacancies within the different departments are published internally in order to promote the growth of the Comexi’s team. We provide development opportunities within the company, covering professional motivation.

Talent development
program (TDP)

The objective of this program consists in accelerating the development of certain members of the organization, with high potential. To achieve this, training sessions, individualized coaching sessions, interviews of professional expectations and recreational activities and team building are organized.


Occasionally job and business development needs arise in different parts of the world. This is where the company and the candidate agree to work together for Comexi from abroad.

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