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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”

– Henry Ford

Being part of the Comexi human team means enjoying a very enriching experience at work, with your colleagues and on the international front.

The excellent team work, the good rapport and co-operation between colleagues and the advantages that the company offers for organising our personal and professional lives and for being a healthy company, are the cornerstones of the Comexi company.

Advantages to employees

Comexi offers great advantages to its employees. One of them is flexible working hours, that allow reconciliation of work and family life. Other advantages are discounts on catering service, physiotherapy service, healthy company committee, special agreements with health insurance companies, etc.

Business model

Our business model has recently received the Award for our good practices. This recognition is thanks to all the actions that Comexi takes for the society, the people and the planet. We have a volunteer committee, a quality committee, flexible working hours, and flexible remuneration, among others.

  • Flexible timetable and 30 day vacational period

  • Flexible remuneration

  • Evaluation of Comexi’s personnel wellbeing

  • Gym

  • Travelling, accident and life insurance

  • Dining room with lunch service for personnel

  • In – house nurse

  • Physiotherapy service

  • Discounts at local shops

  • Non-discriminatory personnel recruitment

  • Non-discriminatory remuneration policy

  • Equalities committee

  • Festivities committee

  • Healthy life style committee

  • Volunteer committee

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