AMB (Italy) acquires a Comexi Proslit S-Turret

AMB (Italy) acquires a Comexi Proslit S-Turret

Comexi Group will install during the second half of 2014, a Comexi PROSLIT S-Turret in the AMB plant in San Daniele del Friuli (Italy). Both companies have reached an agreement for the sale of the single turret slitter of Comexi Group.

“At AMB we are truly convinced that the incorporation of the new Comexi PROSLIT S-Turret will provide us increased productivity, efficiency, safety and, above all, the final reel quality that we need to increase our competitiveness. This will allow us to maintain and even enhance the confidence of our customers in the products we release. Sure it will bring us many successes and will help to increase our market share”, says Alejandro Marin, AMB owner.

Comexi PROSLIT S-Turret

The Comexi PROSLIT S-Turret is the company’s single turret slitter that covers a wider kind of production being able to operate on flexible packaging and with other type of products- aluminum, paper, adhesives, rigid and semi-rigid plastics- up to 350 - 500 microns.
The Comexi Proslit slitter incorporates the Advance Linear Winding System (ALWS). This control system maintains the lay-on roller fixed to the frame and moves the re-wind shaft as it becomes bigger. In the process, it ensures that the distance between the slitting area and the lay-on shaft area remains the same. With this system both slitting and rewinding quality is improved.

Another advantage of the Comexi Proslit S-Turret is the QuickUnloader technology. This system allows supporting the final reels at all times without the need to position the cantilevered shaft for the turret rotation, which prevents the deflection of the shaft by the weight of the reel.


AMB, founded in Italy in 1969, is specialized in printing, lamination and in the production of rigid and flexible films, ranking with the best known brands of the food industry in retail, supplying high barrier plates, printed and laminated films, films for coupling and for MAP and vacuum packaging. Offering a wide variety of products suitable for broad consumption food packaging, and also industrial products, it exports over 70% of its turnover.

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