ATF Flexo is re-establishing its plans to create a distinct organization, adapting to the needs of printers

ATF Flexo is re-establishing its plans to create a distinct organization, adapting to the needs of printers

What goes through the ATF Flexo president’s head between the two bi annual Board of Directors meetings? Certainly, the common analysis of the environment, which is quite revealing, particularly when considering the near future. Although success is slow, many projects with satisfactory results are emerging, due to the vigilance, reactivity, perseverance and composedness of companies. 

What are the risks? In regard to the immediate future, training is of primary concern. With this in mind, ATF is re-establishing its plans to create a distinct organization, that adapts to the needs of printers, which to this day, remain unsatisfactory. It is important to ensure that preparations for long-established events of the 2nd semester, such as the Technical Commission, the FlexoStars Jury and the end-of-year Congress, are on course. Additionally, these events are welcome moments of exchange and networking amongst professionals.  

In addition to this risk, there is continual ranting about environmental damage: sustainability is a topic that often reoccurs in newspapers and on social networks. A media frenzy has been created, calling for the eradication of plastic, particularly when considering the surface pollution of the South Seas. Surprisingly, "at the same time" (yes, this is an innuendo!), the flexible packaging market is attempting to make an enormous recovery with recycling operations that are efficiently biodegradable. Finally, a project of importance, which we will call the “Free Alliance of Printing Processes", but one that is not required to be the purpose of an association. 

In conclusion, it is in our interest to understand market predictions in order to effectively satisfy these expectations. To accomplish this, we need a 3-5 year study of the market, which currently does not exist. Moreover, we must mention that all printing processes, even the oldest, still exist, and there is no reason to fear competition between different printing processes. Certainly, if the design of a packaging project is studied methodically, the appropriate printing process emerges without difficulty. Why would the oldest procedures begin to disappear? There is room for all processes: it is excellence that makes the difference. 


Jean-Pierre Bonnet

ATF Flexo President

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