Comexi achieves historic records for its laminating unit

Comexi achieves historic records for its laminating unit

Comexi, global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, closed 2017 beating its own records for its laminating line. From 2015, this Business Unit has consecutively surpassed its historical marks, experiencing an annual growth of more than 20% in these last years and consolidating itself in the laminating market with a turnover of approximately 30 million euros.

“These data demonstrate how, year after year, Comexi has met all the market’s needs and requirements by offering solutions that provide added value and help converters”, states Carles Rodríguez, Comexi’s Brand Manager. In this sense, the Laminating Business Unit Director, Albert Chicote, also highlights that much of the success achieved is due to the excellent performance and reception of Comexi’s technologies in Europe, United States and South-East Asia, as well as the boost directed to engineering, innovation and customer service. “Our solutions are internationally recognised with the greatest degree of acceptance in the market”, Albert Chicote claims.

Global solutions for all markets

Following the strategic approach and objective of responding to all the new applications and trends of the flexible packaging market, two months ago the group launched its latest innovation, the Comexi ML2 technology. “A machine which has also aroused great interest in the industry; registering numerous sales in its first month of introduction and with a good forecast for this 2018”, Albert Chicote emphasizes.

The Laminating Business Unit Director stressed that the group’s laminators are internationally recognised for their efficiency and innovation, especially excelling in their high productivity. “The market’s increasing demands for more personalised packaging, leads to greater consumption of special lacquers, textures and holographic effects”, he states. On this matter, the group is also developing new technologies such as a new version of the Comexi ML1, the design of which is the result of collaboration with its clients to adapt it to their current requirements. “The flexible packaging market grows annually by 5%, this is why we offer a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, which allow them to adapt to all situations and needs as well as reach our clients’ goals”, the Lamination Brand Manager stresses.

Furthermore, Comexi disposes of an exclusive technology specially designed for the digital and label market in collaboration with HP Indigo: the Comexi L20000. “This laminator for water-based adhesives is the best solution for sectors where time-to-market is a top priority. Short runs, minimal waste reduction and without generating VOC. It’s the ideal laminator for those clients seeking fast deliveries, and, in fact, the pace of sales of this technology is being exponential”, declares the Lamination Brand Manager.

Training, a key element

Annually, Comexi – through its Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre (Comexi CTec) – also offers advanced training, courses, audits, lectures as well as in-house training at its clients’ quarters and practical training in trends of the laminating and packaging sectors. “Our leadership cannot be explained without our commitment to training, an element which clients increasingly value. This way, we help our clients to boost their production processes, whilst providing new elements that will serve them as catalysts to enhance their production”, Albert Chicote concludes.

In 2017, Comexi has organised more than 22 sessions and more than 17 in-company trainings, reaching to a total of 287 attendees. One of the most successful activities has been the Advanced Lamination Sessions, which is currently being offered in French, English, Russian, Spanish and German. As a novelty in 2017, the course, in which clients from around 26 countries have already attended, started to be offered also in German.

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