Comexi and Lohmann collaboration: Expertise is the key

Comexi and Lohmann collaboration: Expertise is the key

Both companies bet on training to improve the flexible packaging industry

The flexible packaging industry is in continuous development. Innovative solutions and expert training in the special technology of flexographic printing will be a key factor for future success. Many companies of this industry work together, sharing knowledge and doing expert trainings, to fulfill the customer´s needs. Comexi is already working on new solutions for the industry´s next generation and Lohmann does the same.

When Lohmanns graphic specialists visited Comexi during an “Open House” in the middle of May, the topic of expertise was discussed also besides common printing tests. The Spanish manufacturer of equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry work alongside with many other converting companies and offer them advice via its Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre (Comexi CTec). Vice versa companies which come to Comexi gave their people also advice. With such events and trainings Comexi also wants to add knowledge into the market, train their own people and extend its networking.

This is also the approach of Lohmanns Bonding Engineers, which opened their Technology Centre (TEC–Center) at its Headquarters in Neuwied/Germany last year, including an own “FlexLAB”. With the overall concept of the FlexoLAB the company develops its own flexography products as well as procedures to optimize adhesive tape material quality and scrutinize printing machine performance while assessing possible future trends. Further Lohmann offers special trainings with partners and customers.

David Centelles, Marketing & ComexiCTec Director at Comexi, says: “We are committed to training and our aim is to become the driving force of knowledge within the flexible packaging sector. In our training and consultancy center we offer annually more than 20 technical courses and advanced workshops to turn knowledge into an added value for the flexible packaging industry.”

And he adds why expertise is so important for the flexible packaging industry:“ There will be a technological evolution in the flexible packaging industry and up to now there is no fixed job description. This means there might be a need for “new engineers” in the future. A need that we detected some time ago and, there so, we are providing an innovative program since 2013 dedicated to training students to a so-called “Graphics Art & Converting Technician” to adept knowledge in the printing and converting industry.”

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