Comexi carries out successfully the first remote installation in South East Asia

Comexi carries out successfully the first remote installation in South East Asia

During the month of March 2020, Comexi successfully finished the first -completely remote- installation and commissioning of a machine during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This installation has been a success thanks to the collaboration between the headquarters in Girona (Spain) and the South East Asian Sales and Service hub based in Bangkok.

During the installation of the top of the range brand-new slitter, an S1 MS state of the art slitter conceived for big output reels, carried out in Indonesia, the distance between the plant and the headquarters was not a problem. This has been thanks to Comexi’s early adoption of the Industry 4.0 and IOT technology, which is present in all the Comexi equipment.

Trying to make customers life’s easier, Comexi has been facilitating the startup and the operation of our equipment as one of the key pillars of the company strategy. Now, during the pandemic this approach has had a great success in making the remote installation a reality.

Comexi has been working towards automation for a long time in all their product line, but if one has been shining with its own light that is the slitting business unit, which has been focused towards automation to differentiate from its competitors and offer not only slitters, but also end of line automation.

Following this successful remote installation, Comexi is already working in the next three commissioning’s, two in Central America and another one in Thailand. The extensive presence of Comexi’s local technicians around the globe, and the use of Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the augmented reality smart glasses will support the process leading to successful installations not only during these hard times, but also whenever needed in the future.

This has not been an exception to the rule, but the way to go in the future of the installation and commissioning of Comexi equipment.

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