Comexi centers its Service Unit in the excellence of the processes

Comexi centers its Service Unit in  the excellence of the processes

Comexi, specialist in machine solutions for the flexible packaging printing and conversion industry, continues to strengthen its service unit around the world with the aim of providing its customers with excellence in all their processes and the best technical advice through its multiple services. Created as a business unit in 2015, the technical service has always been one of the main added values ​​of the company, acting as an important sales catalyst thanks to its proven experience.

In the last three years, Comexi has consolidated this department by restructuring its internal organization and strengthening the technical team with the incorporation of a large number of engineers who already make up 60% of the unit's professionals, among which stand out software engineers, mechanical engineers, R & D and process engineers. Another of the key points of this division has been the reinforcement of its successful service of consulting, detection and resolution of problems, with the novel implementation of the Premium service for all those clients that request it, in line with the company’s tireless search to improve its ability to respond to the needs of customers technical queries, availability of spare parts, 24-hour technical assistance and software and machinery updates.

"In recent years, it has been seen that the quality and immediacy of technical assistance is increasingly important for our customers, as we receive more than 12,000 consultations a year, of which 99% are telematic," says Iban Sabata, responsible for the service unit in Comexi.

The assistance carried out by the company also includes the management of the spare parts of all product lines anywhere in the world; the development of annual operational maintenance programs that optimize the productivity of the equipment by reducing downtime through the PAP system (Periodic Assistance Program); follow-up audits and retrofittings to revamp machines and extend their useful life, as well as upgrades to improve productivity.

All this is managed worldwide since the company, in addition to the headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva, Girona, has delegations in the US, Russia and Southeast Asia, two production plants in Brazil and Italy and field engineers who develop their work for the service unit in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Russia, Thailand and India, among others.

"When we talk about Service, doing it well is not enough. Our short-term goal is for Comexi to distinguish itself by offering the best assistance on the market", concludes Eduard Ridaura, Service Provision Manager.

Improved effectiveness with Remote Support Plus technology

Among all the improvements and innovations carried out, this last year highlights the implementation of front-line technology in augmented reality, Remote Support Plus. A remote communication system that, thanks to the use of smart glasses with augmented reality, allows information sharing between field technicians and the support department in real time and vision, helping to reduce machine downtime and improving efficiency in a remarkable way.

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