Comexi, color management experts for printing

Comexi, color management experts for printing

Comexi, specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging industry, has developed in the last years a deep knowledge of color management for the flexible packaging field. The group, through its technological centre Manel Xifra i Boada, has promoted new applications, as well as new advisory and training services, making it one of the top reference centres in the treatment of color and thus improving the productivity of its customers.

From the end of 2012, coinciding with the gestation of the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Center (Comexi CTec), Comexi has integrated color and its management as part of the company's knowledge. In recent years, a wide range of services and equipment focused on color management have been developed and made available to the group's customers.

The director of CTec, David Centelles, emphasized that "the aim of Comexi is to share and transmit this knowledge, leading together with our customers a process of implementation of color management that, once in progress, will result in an increase in efficiency of production, greater quality of printed output and better control of the process". "Comexi stands out for offering innovative solutions to the flexible packaging field and, at the same time, the CTec has developed in the last years an enormous work to position itself as one of the maximum experts of the sector in color management", assures Centelles.

In this sense, Comexi has strengthened its leadership position in color management through the training and certification of its technical team. Specifically in 2015, CTec technicians were certified in Esko's FlexProof / E and Color Engine. Certifications that, together with the complete training in Equinox modules, have allowed Comexi to offer a wide range of products, services and technical support in color management, plates creation and optimization of work processes.

At the same time, partnerships have been established with leading companies in the market: manufacturers of color management software, printing plates, inks and manufacturers of color measurement and color simulation equipment. "Today we can say that Comexi shares with its collaborators a powerful networking that encompasses great professionals from different areas of the printing process where the color has presence", added the director of CTec.

All this course in training and technical tests has been translated for Comexi in an accumulated experience that has served to create new equipment and services linked to the management and control of the color that the group makes available to its customers. 

Cingular Match 

Comexi has developed Cingular Match that offers an automated color adjustment. The equipment is integrated into the printer to ensure reliable, fast and automated adjustment of direct colors. The system allows calculating the precise amount of ink needed for a job, greatly reducing ink waste. 

Cingular Match is complemented by a technical advisory service and training in machine characterization to obtain a higher print quality. It also includes training and implementation of management and adjustment of direct colors outside the machine with the aim of avoiding the correction of color on machine, increasing the overall efficiency of the printer.

The Comexi CTec also offers fixed pallet printing implementation and advice, focusing on heptachromy - to achieve increases in production efficiency and quality - while reducing ink inventories. The training centre also organizes technical seminars of color, which are periodically developed in the facilities of the same technological centre, or are adapted to be made directly at the clients' plants.

Comexi CTec

Since its creation four years ago, nearly 600 professionals have been trained in the courses of the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre. The University of Girona accredits all the technical seminars as specialization courses. In addition, CTec also offers consulting and consulting services to Comexi customers to improve the productivity of their plants.

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