Comexi exceeds your expectations at the technical seminar in Mexico

Comexi exceeds your expectations at the technical seminar in Mexico

During 2018 Comexi, global leader in the flexible packaging industry, is organizing various technical seminars on new trends and global solutions for the market in several countries around the world. Comexi sends its best technicians and specialists to deliver high-quality lectures for the printing and conversion sector, in which some chosen partners have also joined. These conferences have the experience and knowledge of the Manel Xifra Boada Technology Center, the driving force behind the flexible packaging sector.

After the wonderful reception of the first technical seminar held last April in Peru, the company continued with its second technical seminar, this time in Mexico, specifically in the facilities of the Hilton Hotel in Mexico City. The event was attended by more than seventy customers and collaborators, eager to learn first-hand the new trends in flexible packaging, as well as the innovative technological solutions provided by Comexi.

"We are very satisfied with the result of the seminar and even more with the volume of attendance. The degree of technology, knowledge and value propositions shared by the entire Comexi team, Ctec, Interpack solutions and Sun Chemical has been interesting and enriching. We were congratulated by all attendees, without exception, for the degree of knowledge in the approach and content of the various presentations "says Jordi Gorchs, Chief Commercial Officer of Comexi and one of the speakers at the seminar.

More than seventy people from 30 companies shared the event organized with Interpack Solutions. The market vision and Comexi's proposals were presented to accompany current and future trends in the flexible packaging sector. New solutions to increase efficiency and optimize productivity were shown; new opportunities for growth were investigated. Issues such as color management and the distinguished extended-range system were also dealt with, as were trends in lamination, surface treatments and applications that add value to packaging and increase its usability: easy-open systems, barcodes, micro and macro perforated, windows, among others, developed with laser technology.

The speakers also presented the three printing solutions that currently coexist in the market. Firstly, we have the revolutionary offset technology with central drum. This adapts to the challenging demands of time-to-market; it reduces the cost per impression and lessens the environmental impact thanks to the solvent-free inks. Next we have EB. Flexo technology, in which emphasis was placed on improvements in productivity, ergonomics, innovation and usability of Comexi printers. Last but not least, the renowned gravure printing system that allows us to respond to the needs of the broader market while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Robotization and digital systems were other important pillars of the session, as Comexi's latest innovations are adapted to industry 4.0 with robotization systems and fully automatic job changes, such as Comexi F1, Offset CI8 or systems unloading and palletizing in the cutting line. In addition, the latest digital platform was presented; Comexi Cloud, unique software that provides real production data optimizing resources, helping in the analysis of production and reducing downtime,

"We want to offer personalized and enriching treatment to our customers in Central and Latin America and show them the high capacity of service, technology and knowledge which can accompany them in present and future projects" comments José Santiago, Area Manager of the Mexico area.

The event was sponsored by some highly esteemed collaborators of Comexi, such as Esko, Apex, AVT, Sun Chemical, who spoke about the application of inks in different printing technologies, Brookfield, Ahlbrandt, MacDermit, Twinlock and Tesa.

The seminar was attended by Yago Luling, Technical Advisor of the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Center, who developed a key technical paper on color management and the Extended Gamut system. "For the Center, it is an honor to be able to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and productivity of our clients and these seminars are an excellent stage to share experiences and concerns of our clients," says Luling.

The next seminars will take place in France, Japan, Korea and Brazil between June and October, and will focus on presenting the latest technologies available to deal with demanding market trends, going through all the printing and conversion systems that currently exist side by side in the market, going through the benefits of each of them as well as improvements in productivity and efficiency.

"With this new project we focus our attention on technical knowledge and training, and we are committed to offering high quality conferences with which to transmit our extensive experience to all our customers, accompanying them and offering them an added value and technical knowledge," says the Marketing and the Technological Center of Comexi Manager, David Centelles.

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