Comexi expands its Technical Service team in USA, Canada and Southeast Asia

Comexi expands its Technical Service team in USA, Canada and Southeast Asia

The group strengthens its team to offer a more direct and close service to its customers

Comexi, specialist in machinery solutions for the printing and converting industry of flexible packaging, continues to strengthen its presence in the United States, Canada and Southeast Asia. Recently the group has reinforced its Service and Technical Assistance Department (SAT) in these regions to offer a faster and closer response to the customer.

In the last three years, Comexi has expanded this department, restructuring its internal organization, strengthening its technical team and improving its responsiveness, incorporating digitalization. In 2015, the SAT inaugurated a Service Hub in Comexi North America, with a team of technicians exclusively dedicated to the United States and Canada and the installation of a new spare parts warehouse in Charlotte (North Carolina).

Within this boost plan, Comexi has just incorporated three new service technicians that will continue improving its customer service. Specifically in Asia, the group now offers more direct and fast contact with Àlex Astudillo, a senior engineer with more than 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the flexible packaging industry. Astudillo directs care service in this geographical area from Bangkok, Thailand.

In addition, customers in this region will be able to count on the support of Comexi’s local representatives in this area. Thus, the group wants to step forward and offer a more productive and effective service in this region, optimizing its wide service’s network. 

Expansion in the US

Comexi has also just incorporated two new service technicians at its headquarters in Charlotte. The group is known in the United States and Canada for its fast and efficient service, with personalized attention that meets the demanding requirements of these markets. In this sense, the group ensures the delivery of parts throughout the region in 24 hours. In addition, Comexi North America has recently named Olof Buelens as the new Vice President of Sales and Technical Services.

In parallel, the group will expand its stock of spare parts exclusively for the US market, improving its efficiency and attention. At the same time, the enhancement of its technical team will serve to provide optimal support to Comexi’s growing number of clients, especially in the southern United States such as Texas, Arizona or Louisiana. A staffing boost that the company wants to maximize in the coming years by adding new professionals to the technical support team and, at the same time, expanding the services offered, adapting to new technologies.

Attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

SAT has electronic engineers, application engineers and multipurpose mechanics that offer 24 hours a day attention, seven days a week, including holidays. They solve doubts, urgencies and help to maintain client’s machines in perfect condition, avoiding unproductive times. Either by phone, online or in person, customers have a direct and permanent line of communication with Comexi. At the same time, the service is one of the group’s great added values.

Annually, Comexi’s technical service department, as a whole, conducts more than 850 visits and, in the last 12 months, 80% of the 3.000 queries have been solved in a telematics way. Furthermore, following the values and principles of Comexi’s founder, the company goes for innovation and permanently invests in the vocational training of its employees so they are up-to-date with all the news and latest technics and technologies within the flexible packaging sector.

Optimizing performance through maintenance programs

Also, with the aim to provide immediate response to the customers, Comexi’s SAT has different levels of intervention; remotely from its headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain) or in person, in each country.

In addition, the technical support team is also responsible for supplying the necessary spare parts for each machine and provides the customers with the latest improvements that extend the useful life and extract the maximum performance of their equipment.

In order to maximize client’s productivity, this service department offers additional preventive maintenance services such as annual checks of maintenance programs, machine conditions analysis or changing parts. They also have a wide range of personalized attention proposals with technical machine audits; monitoring audits, transfer of equipment, technical training or updates to optimize the performance of the machines.

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