COMEXI F1, the new generation of flexographic presses

COMEXI F1, the new generation of flexographic presses

Girona, 31st May 2016 – Comexi presented at Drupa the best automation of the printing process with the new generation of flexographic presses. For the first time in the market the new F1 incorporates a unique solution with a robot capable of automatically manipulating all the sleeves that intervene in the printing process (PC, Intermediate, Anilox) and is fully integrated into the process.

Comexi’s new flexographic press is an evolution of the previous F1, the company’s successful large format press, with more than 50 units sold. The F1 is now the most advanced solution aimed at answering the biggest problems derived from job changeovers of machines of large repetitions. They are usually heavy and expensive tasks for the operators due to the large dimensions and weight of the sleeves. With the new F1, an increase in production of at least 25% can be achieved by the robot managing changes automatically, significantly reducing changeover time between jobs dedicated to changing sleeves. 

With Comexi´s new press, the converters do not require changes in organisation, distribution or the logistics plant because the automation offered by the robot maintains the concept of work through sleeves and the process also becomes safer. With the new system devised by Comexi, sleeves are handled automatically and the robot can prepare them off machine in trolleys enabled to store the sleeves during the production of the machine. Meanwhile, the operator need only move the trolleys through a motorised system of transit.

Job changeovers with the new F1 are undoubtedly better controlled and allow more flexible and efficient productions, improving safe working conditions in the plants.

Comexi´s Marketing and Technological Centre Director, David Centelles, has stressed that, with this new press, “Comexi shows yet again its commitment to its clients, offering them high performance solutions in order to improve productivity in the industry of conversion of flexible packaging”.

The new F1 is specifically designed for markets of large formats, wide web and long runs, for example the North American market. David Centelles emphasised that “atomisation that allows a drastic reduction in job changeover time is very important because it can increase production by 25%, while allowing to print 30% more customised work, thanks to its high efficiency increasing customisation of production”.

The Director of Marketing and the Technology Centre at Comexi added that “this solution is very important because it responds to several vectors of the market trends: cost efficiency, customised production and work safety”. “The new F1 incorporates the technology into the production plants and guarantees a more efficient process, with less work risks and adapted to the new digital generations, who are more familiar with the use of technology”.


Advanced technical solutions

The F1 is defined as excellence in the world of flexographic printing central drum. With its advanced technical solutions, it allows printing at high speeds and in more delicate design environments, thanks to its robustness and capacity to dry, amongst other characteristics.

The revolutionary Comexi F1 also incorporates the latest solutions and innovations of Comexi´s consolidated gamma F2, with improved ergonomics, accessibility, the pipeless blade system patented by Comexi, or energy savy, an high performance electronic system. Comexi´s innovations allow an excellent register, as well as a faster pressure control.

Comexi F1 can print in 8 and 10 colours with formats of between 450 and 1350mm, material widths up to 1720mm and a velocity of 600m / minute.


About Comexi -

Comexi has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry. World leader, it runs five product lines, each specialised in a different conversion process: flexography printing, offset printing, rotogravure printing, laminating, slitting and logistic complements.

The company has more than 36,000 sqm. distributed over three production centres in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain), Brazil and Italy. Furthermore, its widespread sales network extends to more than 100 countries, providing an answer to all its client’s needs. 

Comexi includes the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre where the company provides support and transfers its knowledge to the various groups involved in the flexible printing industry process.

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