Comexi Group, essential in Caihua’s expansion (China)

Comexi Group, essential in Caihua’s expansion (China)

The Asian company has acquired a Comexi NEXUS Evo, a Comexi NEXUS Power and a Comexi PROSLIT S2 DT for its new plant

Comexi Group has installed three new machines in Caihua’s new plant. The Chinese company has relied on Comexi Group to launch the expansion of its production plant in Kunshan (Shanghai).

Comexi Group has sold three different machines that will improve effectiveness and efficiency in different parts of Caihua’s production process. The package acquired by the Asian company has two laminators, the Comexi NEXUS Evo and the Comexi NEXUS Power, and the slitter-rewinder Comexi PROSLIT S2 DT.

Jiangliang Xia, president of Caihua, explains that the decision to rely on Comexi Group is based on the quality of its products: "Having Comexi to expand our plant allows us to obtain high quality standards and offer our customers products quickly and efficiently".

With this agreement between the two companies, Comexi’s presence and expansion grows day by day in Asia, being a market that is currently open and shows a very good attitude for business. In this sense, several companies have already visited Comexi Group facilities showing interest in different product lines of the Catalan company.

Founded in 1996, Caihua is specialized in the manufacture of flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical, agricultural or food industry, amongst others. The Chinese company has focused its development on quality and technology, with its own R+D centre, which meets the ISO9001:2000 and the ISO014001.

Comexi NEXUS Evo
The Comexi NEXUS Evo laminator has the most advanced systems of control and application of adhesives. Thanks to its simplicity and ergonomics, this machine allow working with both long and short runs and with a variety of materials such as plastic film, aluminum or paper.

Comexi NEXUS Power
The Comexi NEXUS Power model incorporates specifications requested by the growth of the flexible packaging market, such as the lengthening of the machine base, the independent cooling and the rewinding systems that allow working at top speed without interruption. But among these stands out the possibility of working without solvents, offering a product absolutely respectful with the environment.

In addition, the new reinforced settings and its advanced tensions control systems allow the Comexi NEXUS Power laminating at production speeds up to 600 m/min.

The Comexi slitter-rewinder is characterized by being accessible, robust, secure, productive, as well as for its high quality in both slitting and rewinding. It is also a machine of high performance and work capacity, small sized and with an easy use and maintenance.

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