Comexi Group will install a Comexi OFFSET CI8 press in the SP Group plant in Córdoba (Spain) (n136/2013)

• The printing press, which incorporates the offset technology to the central drum, is unique

• The quality and innovation that characterise the equipment have been the meeting point for the collaboration between both companies

Girona / Córdoba, 16th September 2013. - Comexi Group, a leading specialist in providing total solutions to the flexible packaging conversion industry, has reached an agreement with SP Group for the sale of the Comexi OFFSET CI8 machine. The printing press will be installed on the plant that the group has in Córdoba. This investment is added to other ones already made this year by the converter in Comexi Group’s lamination and slitting solutions.

Both companies seek the maximum quality, sustainability and speed in their products. SP Group has assessed the possibility of carrying out more sustainable and environmentally responsible printing processes, as well as excellent printing results and image detail achieved to make this investment.
In addition, the speed that has made possible to carry out design changes, fine-tuning and production has been also the vital key. This is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art central drum offset technology system –unique on the market-, and the possibility of exploring new fields of action towards new projects, as well as the opportunity of expanding the company’s productive capacity.

These three aspects have been crucial in the acquisition of the Comexi CI8, but SP Group also has had into account Comexi’s design changes thanks to the use of lithographic plates and to the pre-press low cost.

This is the second sale of the Comexi OFFSET CI8, with which Comexi Group consolidates this innovative press in the market. After the success obtained in its presentation during the Drupa 2012 Fair, Comexi Group already installed this printing press model in the company Inplacsa, also dedicated to the conversion of the flexible packaging.                


With the Comexi OFFSET CI8, Comexi Group is providing a response to the main challenges encountered in the flexible packaging printing sector: enhancing print quality, minimising time to market, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

The Comexi OFFSET CI8 is equipped with cutting-edge printing tools and processes, guaranteeing the quality levels demanded by today’s packaging market. It also overcomes the drawbacks of the offset printing on non-absorbent and stretchable materials thanks to the central drum.

The Comexi OFFSET CI8 delivers a highly sustainable conversion process thanks to the elimination of solvents and its low energy consumption, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint that is perfectly in keeping with the company's environmental protection philosophy. This is possible thanks to the use of EB curing technology, which allows the use of solventless and instantaneous cured inks without photoiniciators fully compatible for its use in food packaging.


SP Group is the trademark that unifies all its brands at national and international level: Plastienvase in Córdoba (Spain), S.L. in Villarrubia and Espiel (Spain) and Plastienvase France, located in Arras. Nowadays it has a considerable commercial network in Europe expanding to other countries around the world.

This corporate group, with both an upward trajectory and a proven soundness, has always offered high quality standards to its clients, in goods as well as in services. As a result of this effort it has obtained, in all its plants, the following certifications: the ISO 9001/14001 and the BRC (British Retail Consortium). The latest bestows, among others, the greater prestige and recognition to the food companies in all countries, regarding the quality and hygiene standards compliances. 

SP Group is dedicated to the manufacturing of co-extrusion, printing and lamination, in flexography and rotogravure, flexible plastic sheets, as well as to the material for thermoforming films for semi-rigid trays for use in food wrapping and sanitary products and pre-assembled bags (Wicket, Doypack, Planas, etc.). The company’s average annual production is of 40,000 tonnes.

At present, the group has over 500 employees in all of Europe, highly skilled professionals contributing to the national and international market differentiation with the aim of being more and more competitive every day.

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