Comexi L20000, the perfect solution for short runs and efficient time to market

Comexi L20000, the perfect solution for short runs and efficient time to market

With the aim of offering the most innovative and attractive solutions to the market, Comexi will reinforce their close cooperation with HP at Interpack Trade Fair. Both companies will exhibit the possibilities of combining their technologies with the new Comexi L20000, the solution in water-based lamination that complements the digital HP Indigo 20000 Digital press, ensuring the prefect solution to short runs and efficient time to market.

Comexi ́s new water-based laminator meets the new requirements in the flexible packaging field. The need to reduce the life cycle of products, as well as the boom in customised packaging, are two factors that have increased short-term jobs and demanded quicker delivery times. In this sense, the Comexi L20000 enables the delivery of a job in less than 24 hours, thanks to the quick and intuitive machine’s start-up and the fast drying of the water-base adhesives.

In terms of profitability, the water-based laminator developed by Comexi minimises material waste at the start-up of a job, a vital aspect when facing the growing trend of very short runs, which means a saving in costs and reduction in environmental impact. With regards to productivity, the fast work turnarounds and the simple operational ability of the laminator allow the best number of jobs per shift, as does the ease of exchanging the two functionalities of the Comexi L20000: lamination and coating. The automatic cleaning system of the application unit is performed in less than ten minutes.

Likewise, the water-based laminator is respectful to the environment due to its use of water-base adhesives, its energy efficiency and minimal noise pollution. Comexi L20000 is able to work with widths up to 920 mm and with speeds up to 150 metres/minute.

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