Comexi R2, the first European gravure press in South Korea

Comexi R2, the first European gravure press in South Korea

This new acquisition enhances Cheonil’s key role in the flexible packaging market

Comexi has completed the installation of Comexi R2 gravure printing press at Cheonil plant in Gwangju-city, the second main factory that Cheonil has in South Korea. This is the first European gravure press for flexible packaging that it is installed in this state and, at the same time, means a big step further for Cheonil, a leading and awarded packaging converter company dedicated to produce high quality functional flexible packaging with environmentally friendly materials such as pouches, transparent barrier packaging materials, retort food and other household and industrial packaging.

With this new acquisition, Cheonil enhance its key role in the South Korean flexible packaging market. The company confirmed that they were interested in Comexi R2 for its drying performance, its capabilities and the possibility of using water-based inks. In a recent visit made by Comexi’s Gravure Sales Director, Gian Vito Schiavi, to Cheonil; they affirmed: “With the Comexi R2 unique capabilities in drying performances, we are now able to be an environment friendly company by using only water based inks in flexible packaging industry. We are planning to expand our growth in this direction in the near future thanks to the reliability Comexi is offering us”.

Schiavi highlights the value of this new acquisition: “The Comexi R2 gravure press will certainly boost Cheonil’s productivity. This press enables faster job change with trolley and has the best register control and energy saving systems, as the enterprise was looking for”. This is the second Comexi equipment that Cheonil installs at their facilities. Some years ago, the company purchased a Comexi SL2 solventless laminator and, currently, they are interested in acquiring another gravure printing press that will work with water base inks.

Comexi R2

Comexi’s innovative gravure press Comexi R2 has been designed to meet the requirements of the current flexible packaging market whilst maintain the highest levels of quality. This gravure press incorporates the most revolutionary technology in terms of machine control with mechanically driven systems in order to increase efficiency; as well as Siemens’ SIMOTION, which raises energy savings in the consumption of the press. Furthermore, features ink system of variable volume that significantly reduces ink usage.

As Comexi’s Business Unit Director, David Centelles, stresses: “This gravure press offers quick job changeovers, reduces waste, provides mechanical stability at high speed and offers greater adaptability and flexibility with a significantly reduction of ink usage. Moreover, incorporates a trolley system that allows quick job changeover in order to considerably reduce downtime in the printing process, one of the most demanded requirements in the current market”.

Furthermore, all Comexi R2 units incorporate touch screen panels in order to facilitate maximum use. Besides, their trolleys reduce changeover times, have spectrophotometers and increase efficiency with latest innovation in blade systems and dryers. Comexi R2 can print with materials of width up to 1350 mm (53 in), formats ranging from 450 to 920 mm (18 to 36 in) and a speed of 400 m per minute (1,312 ft per minute). This machine enables water based printing and can reach long runs with high stability and top quality. Comexi’s gravure technologies are the best technologies for in line finishing such as lamination solvent based, solventless or cold seal, among many others.

This new purchase is an example of the reinforcement that Comexi is giving to its gravure printing line led by David Centelles, recently appointed Business Unit Director of this printing technological line. In this sense, the group plans to strengthen its commercial strategy in gravure key markets and, at the same time, is working and restructuring this line to offer the latest and most innovative technologies in this sector.

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