Comexi Smart Glasses with remote connectivity help to reduce machine downtime

Comexi Smart Glasses with remote connectivity help to reduce machine downtime

Available 24/7, the Remote Support with smart glasses is a communication system that allows information sharing between field technicians and the support department in real time and vision. The use of these glasses has many advantages including the following: giving the Comexi help desk a real time view of the customer’s field of vision; offering hands-free videoconferencing; allowing the remote expert use of a red pointer to help and guide field engineers; enabling the help desk to capture and edit a freeze frame of the video call, type notes and send it back to the field engineer; allowing field engineers to view text files with simultaneous translation, images, electrical diagrams, pdf machine planes as well as documents that have been sent from support departments permitting help desk to share on-screen information with field engineers.

In short, smart glasses with remote connectivity give effective remote support to users who have tasks to complete in front of the machine. These glasses provide real-time information from the remote location, allow for the identification of spare parts, and help, through the simultaneous use of real-time text translation, to reduce language barriers. Additionally, they reduce machine downtime, improve efficiency during on-site machine maintenance, decrease travels and increase after sales service satisfaction.

With Comexi smart glasses, customer can easily connect to Comexi Cloud services, the most cutting-edge digital platform for the converting sector, which offers the best decision-making tools and streamlines operating tasks. Customers are able to follow production in real time and know machine processes, with automatic generation of indicators for each production order, easing the detection of troubles related to production. Production Analytics and Job Costing allows to obtain and analyse cost and consumer information during production generated by the energy modules and the ink weighting module.

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