COMEXI, unique and innovative solutions in laminating and coating

COMEXI, unique and innovative solutions in laminating and coating

Comexi, as a global provider of flexible packaging solutions, presents at K its latest innovations in laminating and coating. The group offers unique and efficient solutions to satisfy high market needs.

Following the strategy to continue as the main global supplier for flexible packaging, Comexi has positioned itself as one of the leading and cutting-edge companies in the development of solutions for laminating and coating. At the K show, visitors have the opportunity to access the group’s extensive solutions catalogue with high performance laminators such as Comexi ML1 and Comexi SL2. These Comexi machines meet the high standards that the market requires both in high productivity and efficiency, and have an excellent reputation in their easy handling, fast changeovers, reliability and robustness.

Furthermore, these two laminators have developed new applications that improve production and data control, ensuring production traceability and quality control. Moreover Comexi laminators gather the necessary tools to maximize efficiency and minimize errors in the plant, as well as systems that increase energy savings.

The group also offers solutions to reduce environmental impact with solventless or water based applications, along with solvent based lamination.  

Comexi L20000

Likewise, Comexi presents the new Comexi L20000, the water-based laminator specially designed for “just in time” laminations, which responds to the HP Indigo 2000 digital press’ needs. Emphasizing the group’s commitment to the environment, this innovation ventures for a more sustainable and efficient technology, eliminating solvents thanks to water-based lamination, without renouncing to the highest performance.

Comexi’s new water-based laminator is the result of a strategic partnership between HP Indigo and Comexi that responds to the new demands of the flexible packaging sector. The need to reduce the life cycle of products, along with the rise of personalization in packaging, are two elements that have led to an increase in short-term jobs which also require a faster delivery time. In this sense, the Comexi L20000 enables job deliveries in less than 24 hours, thanks to the machine’s fast and intuitive start up, as well as it’s speed in curing water-based adhesives.

Innovations in coating

In coating, Comexi also reveals at the K show it’s technical solutions to meet the growing demand in packaging for brand owners (heat seal coatings, barrier varnishes and cold seal) in addition to other applications designed to enhance the added value of the final packaging on the shelf: at register matt or gloss coatings. From Comexi’s wide portfolio, the versatile Comexi Dual and the high performance laminator Comexi ML1 must be highlighted, ensuring high quality jobs for big productions, together with efficiency and quality control.

Additionally, Comexi also features the Comexi Futura, designed to offer greater added value to packaging thanks to all its finishing options. The Comexi Futura guarantees holographic finishings due to the Cast & Cure technology, which create highly attractive visual register effects. Equally, the laminator enables cold-foil applications or UV lamination, amongst other coatings to give an attractive finish to the product, as well as solventless lamination. Comexi’s clients are achieving prestigious international awards as a result of innovative designs in their packagings.

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