Comexi: your true global engineering and packaging partner

Comexi: your true global engineering and packaging partner

Most people are getting ready for vacation and at Comexi we are in fact still quite busy as several of our customers are coming to the Barcelona coast area, taking advantage of their leisure trip to visit our facilities in Girona.  

Comexi’s lean manufacturing program is fully on stream, which has resulted in a 100% delivery reliability performance towards our customers in 2019. Our manufacturing lead times have been shortened and several customers have taking the benefits from a competitive time-to-market from the decision of the investment until start-up of equipment at the customer plant. 

Lean manufacturing principles are now being applied during the installation and commissioning of the machine on site, to get you faster up and running with your new equipment. 

Our shop floor has been redesigned and we have now clearly defined “lean boxes” for flexo, offset, lamination & slitting. 5S shop floor principles are applied and continuous improvement initiatives are improving our industrial model. 

Comexi is making new investments to its manufacturing area in the mechanization of machine parts. All central drum production is now concentrated in a highly efficient operation area with the highest safety standards in the industry.

This month two brand new fully automated turning machines have been delivered to enhance the productivity of the production of carbon fibre rollers for our machines, following the installation of a new horizontal machine centre last year. 

Our service investments in people, process and systems is clearly visible. Our customer service and satisfaction has been further improved and our service HUB’s worldwide are continuously expanding for both technical field service support, remote diagnosis & support and local availability of spare parts. 

Preparations for K-Show in October in Duesseldorf are in progress and we would like to most welcome you to experience the future of flexible packaging!

Sincerely yours, 


Jeroen van der Meer

Comexi CEO

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