ComexiGroup, Maheso and Inplacsa go a step further in the field of sustainable packaging

ComexiGroup, Maheso and Inplacsa go a step further in the field of sustainable packaging

Maheso, frozen food manufacturer, will present at Alimentaria exhibition in Barcelona two new packaging of Pop Nuggets, printed by Inplacsa with the Comexi OFFSET Ci8. 

The offset press from Comexi Group features by its fast response and for its respect for the environment.

Girona, April 1st , 2014 - Comexi Group, machinery supplier in the flexible packaging industry, Inplacsa and Maheso have cooperated to achieve a more sustainable packaging that keeps the quality and the food security characteristics of the frozen products company.
Furthermore, Maheso steps forward in its commitment to the environment using a packaging without the use of solvents, avoiding emissions of volatile compounds to the atmosphere.

The production of “Pop Nuggets” new packaging, which will be presented during Alimentaria 2014, International Food and Drinks Exhibition, was carried out in a record time. The three Catalan companies have achieved in less than a week the agreement on the print run and the job production. It has been possible due to the characteristics of the Comexi OFFSET Ci8, which allows to make new plates in minutes, providing fast and flexible production.

Inplacsa, specialists in flexographic printing of flexible packaging, incorporated this new printing technology for flexible packaging in 2012, the year of Comexi Ci8 OFFSET release. The possibilities offered by the offset press from Comexi Group have also been recognized by Maheso, industry leader in the manufacture of ready-made and precooked frozen products.

For the production of this new packaging, Maheso has decided to change its current carton to a new format of flexible material. Keeping the same technology - offset - but changing the material, the company could ensure the brand image thanks to an optimum image resolution.
The offset technology is characterized by the use of lithographic plates, with much less costs compared with photopolymers or engraved cylinders used in traditional flexo and rotogravure technologies. The cost reduction at this part of the process allows to change the design,
language, to add new logos or to make promotional campaigns without additional printing costs, as well as reduce minimum print runs and print film in stock.
Comexi OFFSET CI8 printing machine is the result of the efforts done by the team of R & D + i of ComexiGroup, thi is a turning point in the printing of flexible packaging since its launch. Ci8 is the first web-offset pressfor printing variable lengths over a central impression drum. The machine links the advantages of both offset variable length and flexo central impression drum printing in one press for flexible packaging and labels.  The combination overcomes conventional in-line offset machines by the fact of easily printing thinner and elastic materials (OPP, PET, PE, PA, etc). 

Among its main benefits, the reduction of environmental impact thanks to the use of solventless inks and greater energy efficiency, high quality (color gradient / fine screens / micro texts), the great production flexibility and quick response/Time-to-Market and the low cost of lithographic plates.

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