Constantly improving for a better 2019

Constantly improving for a better 2019

Flexible packaging plays an important role in our day-to-day life, whether we buy groceries at the supermarket, take products on the go from the out-of-home channel or when ordering consumer products online.

Packaging attracts people and increases sales revenues of brand owners. Packaging differentiates by means of color and shape, one of the key drivers to attract consumers. Functionality becomes increasingly more important (easy opening – reseal ability) and print quality standards are increasing. Simultaneously, consumer packaging becomes more personal, tailored to consumer needs as to how to use and where to use.

In order to accommodate all these consumer requirements, Comexi continues to invest in the development of smart products and smart solutions.

The circular economy adds a new dimension to all of this. Consumers and brand owners are demanding solvent less or solvent free packaging, packaging that can be re-used or recycled. Comexi is leading in this area with flexo and offset printing solutions and invest itself in sustainability. Recently, we have made a large investment in solar energy at Comexi with the ultimate aim to become energy neutral, taking advantage of the extensive amount of sun hours in Spain. At the same time, we have replaced all our light bulbs in the factory for LED light, saving electricity and reducing the carbon foot print of our operations.

Comexi is opening a new sales & service HUB with Comexi CTec (Center Technology) in Miami, Florida, USA. The official inauguration will be held in September of this year, where we will have a full demo center equipped with the latest machine technology designed for the US-market. We will run several technical seminars on printing, lamination, slitting and service of machines.

Last but not least, in October of 2019 we will be present at the K-show in Duesseldorf, Germany, one of the largest global events in flexible packaging, where we would like to welcome you.

I am ready for an exciting year… Are you?

Your sincerely,


Jeroen van der Meer

Comexi's CEO

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