Coveris and Comexi extend their collaboration

Coveris and Comexi extend their collaboration

•  Coveris has recently bought a Comexi ML1 laminator Charlotte, March 7th 2016.-Comexi, a leading specialist in machine solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, is going to install a Comexi ML1 laminator in the Coveris facilities in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Adding this new laminator, Coveris and Comexi extend their long standing partnership.

John Boarman, Division Engineering Manager with Coveris, highlights that “Comexi technology meets their converting needs”. Comexi’s Miquel Salvà, Business Development Corporate Director underlines that “Coveris has aggressive growth plans in the years to come”.

Global solutions

With more than 60 years of experience, Comexi provides high advanced technologies for flexible packaging laminating and coating. With a modular concepts, Comexi designs unique solutions to satisfy the converter’s market needs. By using solvent less and water-based adhesives, Comexi not only increases productivity but also reduces the environmental impact.


As a leading international manufacturing company, Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. In partnership with the most respected brands in the world, Coveris develops vital products that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, to the touch screen device in our pockets, contributing to the lives of millions every day.

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