Current consumer trends in flexible packaging

It has been shown that consumers prefer a resealable option when it comes to marketing products in flexible packaging, one that delivers convenience, freshness and performance through the entire product lifecycle. In addition, resealable flexible packaging solutions are regarded by consumers as an enhancement to a brand’s perceived and realized value.

A recent study by Flexible Packaging magazine shows that over 50% of consumers view easy-open packaging as extremely important. Consumers already know that easy-open and/or resealable packaging is just far easier: easier to open and easier to close. Moreover, it keeps many foods fresher and helps to extend shelf life as well as being less environmentally damaging - reducing the need for secondary packaging as well as consumer use of foil, storage bags or cling film to keep foods fresh at home. In this sense, according to a recent study by Smithers Pira, an increasingly urban society is leading to busy lifestyles in which time-constrained consumers choose products that offer convenience and portability. Demand is rising for microwaveable packaging, single-serve packs, carry-away packs, resealable packaging, easy-open packs and longer shelf life. More eating away from home and on-the-go consumption suggest that more packaging will need to be designed for portability and less weight, while resealable packaging will need to be designed for products eaten at home. 

For these reasons, both consumers and producers alike are increasingly aware of the environmental damage, not to say the financial hit they take from buying food they end up discarding, so to directly address this loss, manufacturers are more and more motivated to implement advanced packaging solutions that extend shelf life and minimize waste.

Taking advantage of this consumer preference has been made faster and simpler by innovations in both technology and equipment compatibility. As a result, companies can potentially integrate a resealable solution into their operations in as few as five to six weeks. All this is possible with Laser technology that can cut, score, perforate and drill a variety of substrates. This can potentially save manufacturers time and money when it comes to producing consumer-friendly packaging or products.

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