Hit attendance of the 18th edition of Hispamerflex

Hit attendance of the 18th edition of Hispamerflex

• Over 100 representatives of the sector attended the seminar, organized by Comexi Group, DuPont, Esko and Sun Chemical
• The event served for the organizers to present their latest flexographic innovations

5th June  2013.- There has been high attendance of the 18th edition of Hispamerflex, a regularly held flexographic seminar. Over 100 people, representing companies from the sector, attended the yearly forum organized by Comexi Group, DuPont, Esko and Sun Chemical, whose latest innovations in flexographic printing were presented during the seminar.

Hispamerflex served to highlight how a combination of new technologies and procedures can lead to better printing results, while also boosting a company’s capacity to compete and the added value of its end products.

To illustrate this combination of technologies, delegates were able to see the Comexi FLEXO F2 printing machine in operation. A printing machine that stands out for its ergonomics and efficiency, in combination with Full HD Flexo® technology by Esko, the DuPont Cyrel® DSP cutting-edge digital plate, and Passion XP Plus series ink system by Sun Chemical, it ensures optimum production efficiency.

Because the benefits of round and flat top dots can be obtained with one same plate, with Full HD Flexo® technology by Esko, high-definition highlights and solid ink densities can be achieved that are comparable to gravure. The outcome is a plate that offers dazzling highlights, mid tones, gradients and solids. Similarly, the new Dupont Cyrel® DSP digital plate is ideal for applications where higher solid ink densities and a wide tonal range are needed for packaging segments. DSP has been developed to offer optimum performance with a wide range of substrates and inks.

At a production level, flexographic printing machines need to ensure maximum productivity, printing at high speeds and substantially reducing idle time between jobs. Sun Chemical offers a solution to these market requirements with the Passion XP Plus series: multifunctional flexographic printing inks for printing on both sides of the substrate. Suitable for high-speed printing, they have been developed to work with high-definition plates.

For its part, the F2 flexographic printing machine has been designed to meet the need for medium and long print runs of flexible packaging for retailers and wholesalers alike. It incorporates patented FLEXOEfficiency ergonomics and accessibility, plus the performance and solid robustness of FPLUS. It features state-of-the-art electronic systems so as to ensure top-quality printing, even at high speeds (up to 500m/min), printing on different substrates like plastic film, paper and sheets.

Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre collaborated in the latest edition of Hispamerflex by hosting the event. This year, the said centre has put into operation a new 2,200m2 laboratory, featuring over ten machines manufactured by Comexi Group. The aim of this industrial laboratory is to conduct tests with clients, carry out projects with partners and, as in the case of Hispamerflex, to act as a venue for events and seminars.

The first edition of Hispamerflex was held over 30 years ago, with the collaboration of three companies: Comexi Group, DuPont and Sun Chemical. In 2000, Esko joined them as a new collaborating partner.

The purpose of this initiative is to organize seminars and conventions for the domestic flexographic sector, where collaborating companies can present their latest innovations to clients from the printing market with a view to networking professionally so as to introduce new improvements to the printing sector.

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