Industry 4.0, must focuses in customer

Industry 4.0, must focuses in customer

Currently, our society is living a new transformation called IIOT or Industry 4.0. This revolution is based in connecting machines, systems and people to make the most of it. However, how companies choose to evolve, explore new avenues for growth, and better engage their customers can make the difference between thriving and extinction.

If you want to succeed, any function that is developed within the framework of I4.0 and in the flexible packaging field should focus on the contribution of real value to costumers. These technologies are producing different ways to improve and customize the customer experience.

In Industry 4.0, manufacturing systems and its objects are not just connected, drawing information from the physical world into the digital realm. In this new world, connectivity is basic and the value of the I4.0 systems can be provided in many ways: from having the real information at any time and anywhere, to have a reliable history or to combine both elements through machine learning systems for predictive and prescriptive topics. However, having a lot of data is neither a guarantee nor value, nor process’ knowledge.

Data must be prepared, analysed and managed properly and should be represented in a simple, intuitive and direct dashboard that responds to all client’s needs. Also, in Comexi, we offer a high degree of automation and robotization in all our machines as well as adjustment systems to make the equipment more autonomous. At the same time, we combine all this improvements with a digital service web platform called Comexi Cloud that collects automatically and without any extra equipment all the data generated by machines such as flexible packaging printing presses and converting equipment for further analysis.

What are the most relevant incidents that affect production? How long does a mechanical change or adjustment take? What is the availability of this machine? What is being performed at this precise moment? These are just some of the many questions that can be answered with the Comexi Cloud, from anywhere and using any type of device.

Besides, systems based on Industry 4.0 also develop opportunities to optimize production processes, have traces of the entire supply chain or reduce incidents due to greater predictability of events. In this sense, IIOT is based on:

  • Data & Data Management: Live and processed. It is important to start storing data for later analysis so, as more data we have, intelligent systems can provide the best configurations, prevent unplanned situations and increase companies’ efficiency.
  • Integration and connectivity: businesses are migrating to Cloud systems. The big difference in opting for a cloud service instead of local servers is that customers only have to worry about the direct value offered by the service instead of worrying about local servers, maintenance or computer problems.

Despite all this benefits, there are also main challenges in the adoption of these technologies. On one hand, society and brands are facing an important digital transformation and, as in all these situations, there is also attached a cultural change, an adjustment that we have already carried out in our personal lives like when we do online shopping, online banking, email management or social networks.

The industrial world has the opportunity to do one step beyond, implementing these technologies tested in our real life. Besides, digital manufacturing is often a source of potential differentiation for most manufacturers; an opportunity to deliver efficiently service to surpass competition in the market. Industry 4.0 is here to stay. Better not to be left behind.


By Jordi Sahun

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

By Esteve Grassot

Database Architect | Innovation & Technology

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