Key trends for flexible packaging this 2018

Packaging has become, throughout the years, a significant component for manufacturers when it comes to new product development or renewal. It has evolved in several ways; manufacturers use it as a way to create consumers’ demand and make their products more appealing. Besides, consumers see it as a way to get more information or quickly define product's quality.

The latest studies of Smithers Pira show that the packaging global market keep increasing and is expected to grow about 32% until 2021 and with it, flexible packaging market is growing also across the globe due to the many benefits that provide such as recyclability or lightweight protection.

Taking into account this expanding market, consumer changes and new regulations coming, here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

  • According to Packaging World Magazine, minimalism and vintage design will be the most elaborate type of packaging for big and small brands. In this sense, pastel colors and holographic designs will play an important role during this new year.
  • Major changes are set to take place in the packaging printing and converting industry. Specialists affirm that there are five more tendencies set to impact the global packaging market over the coming year. First of all, packaging will play a pivotal role in reducing global food and product waste. Secondly, online brands will reinvigorate their packaging in order to enhance the e-commerce experiences. Moreover, brands that adopt clear and succinct package messaging will be rewarded, as consumers prefer brands that embrace simplicity. Finally, brands will be called to keep marine conservation at the forefront of packaging development and to anchor the circular economy for future generations.

There so, printing and packaging companies should be aware of all these tendencies and the latest printing press designs if they want to improve their capacity, quality and ability to keep ahead of the game.

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