Latest sustainable advancements in flexible packaging industry

Latest sustainable advancements in flexible packaging industry

In the light of increasing pressure from society on flexible packaging, I would like to make some reflections. Is packaging waste an environmental problem or do we make it one.

A few weeks ago I was in Japan and in a very large metropole like Tokyo you don’t see any littering on streets, airports and railway stations as they have developed a very good waste management system and above all consumer behavior contributes that these systems are effective. Disposal in a responsible manner avoids that plastic ends up in our Oceans.

Second is how we make flexible packaging more environmentally friendly. Comexi is investing a lot in sustainability. Recently we have been awarded in the United States by the FTA for the Sustainability Excellence Award for our Life Cycle Analysis done on our flexo printing presses.

CI8 offset printing technology for flexible packaging is another good example of how to create environmental flexible packaging as it contains no solvents and requires significantly less energy to produce.

Flexo printing will soon be switching to Electron-Beam curable inks replacing solvent-based inks as the first machines have already been installed in the market. 

Comexi has also installed a new solar system on our plant in Girona, Spain and the entire factory has been changed to LED lighting in our constant strive to energy reduction.

K-Show is coming up in a few months and we are fully engaged to share with you our latest innovations in product development for print & converting and our new Industry 4.0 solutions. Comexi Ordering On-Line has already been launched in the market for all new machines supplied and this year we will enable to a large extend ordering online for existing machines, which further enhances this online tool.

Our Technological Centre (CTec) in Miami, FL, US is near to completion. Soon we will be installing our machines to enable demo’s and product training for printing, lamination and slitting. The official opening is planned for September and you’re most welcome to join us there or in one of the other many events we are organizing this year worldwide.

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Jeroen van der Meer


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