Lumina Packaging (Indonesia) expands its machinery pool with a Comexi Dual laminator

Lumina Packaging (Indonesia) expands its machinery pool with a Comexi Dual laminator

The Comexi NEXUS brand has established itself in the Far East market with the installation of 40 laminating machines in the last 6 years

Girona, 25 September 2014.- The Comexi Group, a leading company specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, has reached an agreement with the company Lumina Packaging (Indonesia) for the installation of a Comexi NEXUS Dual laminator. The expansion of its laminating machinery fleet represents a step forward in the consolidation of Lumina Packaging as a leader in the manufacture of sealed bags.
"We hope that the use of Comexi’s machinery allows us to improve efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, since the Comexi NEXUS Dual is equipped with an excellent tension control and a three roller system, Lumina Packaging seeks to reduce waste and increase lamination quality. Thus, the main goal for us is to produce a package that exceeds our customers’ expectations", says Jeffry Sanjaya, CEO of Lumina Packaging.
Versatility in the lamination process

The Comexi NEXUS Dual is characterized by its great versatility, capable of carrying out many different jobs with the highest levels of reliability. This solution can operate with or without solvents, in addition to its operation with Cold seals, Heat seals, lacquers, varnish and even one color rotogravure printing and flexo, all with or without register.
To ensure the highest performance quality, the Comexi NEXUS Dual has been designed with an advanced register control in the application of adhesives, Cold seals and ink with a motorized nip and a photoelectric cell. Besides, the laminating unit is made up of a heated steel cylinder, another smaller diameter cylinder coated in high density rubber, and a third counter pressure cylinder, which together produce perfectly even lamination, that is transparent and free of bubbles. This, together with an accurate tension control and a high performance drying tunnel for solvents or water evaporation allow configuring a machine designed for maximum reliability in the results. 
The Comexi NEXUS Dual works with a maximum speed of 450 m/min, in widths of material up to 1350/1530 mm and a maximum tension of 60 kg in the rewinder and of 55kg in the unwinder. 
About Lumina Packaging
The company was first established in 2011 in the Trosobo - Sidoarjo, East Java (Indonesia). With the support of creative human resources and reliable professionals who has more than 30 years in the flexible packaging industry and operating latest technology machines, Lumipack has successfully positioned itself as a trusted packaging company and reliable in production quality.

Lumipack maintains the consistency of the production results and in the reliability of delivery in order to achieve the trust from all our partners – Lumipack’s ultimate goal is to become a leading company in the food industry on a national scale.

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