n37: Relevant events in January

Plexpo India– January 9th-12th – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Plexpoindia offers a platform where all the machinery and equipments related to plastic industry can be showcased. This exhibition is organized every three years.
Plexpoindia 1979, 1995 and 2004 have been the landmarks in the history of Indian plastics & packaging exhibitions.

Print & Pack – January 21st-24th – Teheran, Iran
Iran Pack & Print Exhibition is the International Presentation Machinery, Technology, Materials, Equipment and Supplies for Packaging and Printing Industries. This exposition aims to meet the ever-rising competition in the digital media, the print and the media industry. Comexi Group is going to attend and we are please to welcome our customers and visitors at the Hall 38 Booth 118

Interplastica– January 26th-29th – Moscow, Russia

Over the past years, Russia has been on a path of consistent economic growth. Despite having a large market with a primary reliance on domestic trade, the demand for imported quality products has continued to increase.

The past years have been marked by impressive economic reforms that spurred the continuation of the impressive growth rate of over 5 percent on average.

Russia is a market with a tremendous amount of prospects. Comexi Group’s personnel will attend the exhibition.

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