n39: Comexi’s EB printing technology and WetFlex®

Comexi Group and Sun Chemical lead the EB flexo market for Flexible Packaging

After 5 years of joint research and development, Comexi Group and Sun Chemical are pleased to announce the commercial availability of the first fully industrial solution for flexographic printing using Comexi’s eCOMEXI flexographic presses and the Sun Chemical WetFlex® ink system.

This technology was presented at Drupa 2008 on the Comexi Group booth, and today is ready to be used, with proven results, to print flexible packaging substrates.

The WetFlex flexographic electron beam curing ink printing process not only allows flexible packaging converters the use of a fully environmentally friendly technology, but also provides impressive quality and compliance advantages. This proposed solution guarantees total reliability in the heavy-duty industrial environment, achieving high printing quality with more than 70 l/cm, better brightness and a Comexi patented built-in inking system to secure full stability in the printing process. In addition, achieving such high print resolution allows our customers to compete more effectively in the markets which are traditionally dominated by gravure printing, with less cost per square metre as the print process is 100% VOC free.

Comexi Innovation Support for Customers

Nowadays Comexi is serie-producing the eCOMEXI press - the eCOMEXI FW1508. Starting in February 2010, Comexi offers the ability to carry out industrial scale runs in our R&D Centre in Girona, Spain on an in house new machine. A firstclass production environment will be provided, with state-of-the-art technology, for our customers. All of these factors show that the Comexi Group and Sun Chemical are your best partners for innovation. Indeed, converters who are committed to leadership in innovative solutions for the flexible packaging industry to produce sustainable packaging will appreciate these benefits.

With the many changes emerging in the flexible packaging print industry, Comexi Group endeavours to perfect EB technology, and are fully convinced that this new technology will be an effective substitute for the current traditional solvent printing for flexible packaging.

Moreover, as an undisputed leader, the Comexi Group offers different solutions to increase added value of the packaging by using EB curable inks and coatings with 2 no VOC emissions, for coating, lacquering and special effects. We would be pleased to welcome you to our facilities to show you this revolutionary and impressive printing process in action.

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