n48: Comexi Group, Sun Chemical and ESI Open House first-class event

Under the theme "Today's solutions for Tomorrow’s demands", the Comexi Group, Sun Chemical and ESI’s Open House was held from 1st to 3th June in Girona Spain. The event recorded more than 200 visitors during three days of intense face-to-face activity with customers.

Once again the three companies demonstrated the ability to organize and draw the industry’s attention to this first-class technology event.

During the Open House the latest developments in flexographic printing were showcased. The commercial and industrial robustness of the EB FLEXO solution was showcased through the combination of the eCOMEXI® Comexi EB flexo press, Sun Chemical’s Wetflex® EB inks and the ESI EZCure system.  The success of the event was in the demonstration that EB Flexo provides high quality print that competes with gravure, VOC free production without the use of photoinitiators, and all at a very competitive cost.

A new global concept F4FLEXOEfficiency® was also showcased, which involved a revolutionary concept in flexographic printing.  The Comexi F4FLEXOEfficiency® is state-of-the-art technology for low cost per square meter, high productivity printing; in addition to its lower maintenance costs, it is the most efficient solution for short runs and quality flexo printing.

Mr. Manel Xifra, President of Comexi Group, explained "our goal has been achieved by far. Despite the economic crisis environment, we have been able to attract a large number of customers from around the world, presenting   solutions that allow them to access new markets by offering greater value added and more competitiveness in the flexible packaging market and, above all, environmentally sustainable technologies."

For his part, Mr. Felipe Mellado, Chief Marketing Officer of Sun Chemical, emphasized: We are really pleased with the outcome of the event. Sun’s commitment to its customers is to focus on continual delivery of Quality, Service & Innovation in everything we do.  This Open house clearly demonstrated these core commitments.  To Quality -  Our WetFlex technology clearly delivered gravure like print definition through a flexo printing technology.  To Service – Working with our key partners, Comexi and ESI, to deliver joined up thinking and total technology solutions and finally in Innovation – new and exciting technologies that represent a leap forward for printer converters seeking truly innovative high quality solutions, capable of generating investment and quick returns, in line with the flexible packaging industry needs.”

Mr. Ed Maguire, General Manager of Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI) ”Electron beam (EB)  technology has long been associated with high quality, sustainable platforms. Sun Chemical’s WetFlex technology using EB is now available to address the core deliverables of the flexible packaging market. This wonderful Open House hosted by Comexi demonstrated that EB technology can provide superior print quality at a low cost per square meter and maintain the smallest carbon footprint available. This is truly a step-change for the flexible packaging marketplace.” 

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